Air Layering

What is Air Layering?

A way of propagating new trees and shrubs from stems still attached to the parent plant. The stem in wrapped in a damp moss to allow roots to form.


  • A sharp knife
  • sphagnum moss
  • plastic wrap
  • two rubber bands
  • aluminium foil
  • rooting hormone (optional)



Should be one to two years old and healthy. Make two parallel cuts an inch apart on the branch. You will then need to wrap the wound with moist sphagnum moss and with tightly wrapped plastic. Add a little rooting hormone if wanted.
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Finishing up

Tie rubber bands at the ends of the plastic wrap. Cover the plastic wrap in aluminium foil that protects the rooting hormone and keeps the rooting area from getting too hot.


Once the cutting is fully rooted, you need to cut the baby plant off the mother plant and plant it in a pot using the appropriate soil, sun light location, etc.
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