World War Fun

A Fun and Competitive Way to Learn About WWI

What's It All About?

In World War Fun, players will get the chance to act as a member of the Allies or the Central Powers. Depending on which space their game piece lands after rolling the die, the player will pick a card from the stack of the correlating color. They will read the statement on the card aloud, and will apply the fortune- or misfortune- to their game. (ex: If England read the statement "Machine gun developed," they would look to the bottom to see how it affects their country). Through reading the cards, each player will gain knowledge on the events of the first World War. The first "country" to make it all around the board, despite battle and sacrifice, is the victor of World War I!
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for ages 12+ and groups of 4-6

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1. each player must select a game piece, which represents a country in the war, and put the game piece on "Start"

  • green represents Britain
  • blue represents France
  • purple represents the United States
  • orange represents Serbia
  • red represents Germany
  • yellow represents Austria-Hungary
  • green, blue, and purple are Allies; orange, red, and yellow are Central Powers

2. everyone roll the die and whoever rolls the highest number goes first

3. the player will roll the die and move their game piece that number of spaces

4. the space upon which the player's game piece lands is colored; the player must select a card from the stack of the same color

5. IF THE CARD IS COLORED the player will read the card's statement aloud and look to the bottom to see how it affects their country

IF THE CARD IS WHITE, this is the Challenge spot. All players participate. One player will read the question on the card aloud, and whoever answers correctly the fastest is the winner of the challenge. The winner gets to change spots with another player of the game.

6. repeat steps 3-5 for each player until one reaches the last space of the board and is deemed "winner" of the war

NOTE: if the number the player rolls is higher than the number of spaces in front of them before the finish line, the player cannot cross and must answer pull one more card after rolling the die

educational purposes

The purpose of World War Fun is to inform the players of the Great War in a fun and interactive way. Please be aware that although it is possible for the Central Powers to win in World War Fun, in reality, it was the Allies who won The Great War.
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Jenna Harrington, Grant Everson, Lizzy Packer, and Chloe Mazurek