Vocabulary Presentation 5

Iris Brammer

Fill in the Blank- Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from Lesson 5 of Vocabulary from Classical Roots Book E

The teenage boy exploited his enemy's secrets to have _________ that would allow the boy to be in control.



N. 1. The action of a lever that raises or lifts.

2. Power to influence; a position of strength.

Leverage- the television show

Leverae, in media, is an American television series that centers around the idea of exploiting others in order to climb in power. It deals with the financial world which pressures workers to continuously seek improvements through some immoral means. The popular show accentuates the slight negative connotation of leverage as it can be associated with incrimination and exploitation.

Alternate forms

V. To make maximum advantage



  • Lift
  • Raise
  • Suspend
  • Carry


  • Power
  • Influence
  • Control

Verb: to control; to maximize



  • land
  • fall
  • descend
  • drop


  • Weak
  • Useless
  • Uninfluential
  • (Any lack of power)


The word leverage was not popularly used until the 1950s, however it existed far prior.


(Latin) levis - light (in weight)

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold-face type is used incorrectly

A.) His boss had leverage over him because of his higher standing in the company.

B.) The crane used leverage to suspend the wrecked car over the accident site.

C.) The materialistic woman leveraged her profits in order to pay for her extravagant life.

D.) The leverage of the wrecking ball destroyed the abandoned building.

Answer D is correct because although the industrial wrecking ball is suspended, the motion itself is knocking down the wall with force of impact, not the action of lifting or raising