What's Relevant?

The Weekly Newsletter of Relevant Academy

80 Activities, 30 Hours, and Mentor Contact

Just a reminder you need to be completing at least 80 activities per week. This is important for reaching your goals. Most students who are successful in an online program spend around 30 hours a week in a course. A good way to help you reach this goal is to create a schedule for when you will be working on your courses. This can be as easy as creating a Calendar on your iPad. Please see the video posted below for how to use the calendar on your iPad. The following is a list of times when learning coaches will be online:

Monday from 7-10pm Jeff and Amy are online to help. You can talk to them by typing "Jeff@relevantacademy.org" or "ahenry@relevantacademy.org" into your chat window.

Tuesday from 7-10pm Julie and Stacey are online. You can find Julie by typing "jcrossman@relevantacademy.org" or Stacey "sschuh@relevantacademy.org" into your chat window.

Wednesday from 7-10pm Jeff is online

Thursday from 7-10pm Julie is online

Friday from 7-10pm Amy is online

Saturday from 10a-10p Loretta is on-call and available to help. You will need to chat (loretta@relevantacademy.org) or call/text 517-667-8491 if you need something.

Sunday from 10a-10p Eric is on-call and available to help. You will need to chat (eric@relevantacademy.org) or call/text 517-667-8490 if you need something.

Each learner is assigned a mentor to guide them and answer questions. Your mentors usually try to connect with you while you are in the building or try to call. If you have not spoken with your mentor this week, please contact them. This is another way for the learning coaches at Relevant Academy to make sure you are meeting your goals and succeeding.

There are also new guidelines for learners, which all mentors and tutors will be using. Please read over these guidelines as they do affect you.

Guidelines for E 20/20 Instruction

Here are the new guidelines for E 20/20.

Percentages will not be given on Pre-Quizzes

The incorrect question numbers are not given on pre-quizzes, topic tests, cumulative final.

If your grade is less than 50%, no incorrect questions will be given.

If your grade is between 50-60%, half of the incorrect questions will be given.

If your grade is above 60%, all (non-true/false) incorrect questions will be given.


Please G-Chat your learning coach to check quizzes and indicate the class so there is a running list of learners who need help.

A free retake will be given if your quiz grades are 50% or higher.

Any other retake will be given only if notes are shown to the learning coach.

After second retake, the learning coach will ask learner to watch the lecture again.

After third retake, the learning coach will reset the section.

Learners will produce notes or another way of showing work before asking for help or they will be sent back to the lecture

The best time to ask for help is during homework, topic test reviews and cumulative final review. NOT during quizzes, tests, or finals

Please ask learning coach in the room you are in for help.

The room your cohort is assigned to is the room you are expected to be in while you are at Relevant Academy.

Meijer Community Rewards

Meijer Community Rewards Program
Relevant Academy is registered in the Meijer Community Rewards program. This is the easiest fund-raiser you will ever participate in. Just register (it’s free), use your Meijer 1 guest card on each shopping trip and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the school. Purchases made using cash, a Meijer credit card, or a PIN debit card will generate reward funds.

Three easy ways to register:

  • online at www. Meijer.com/rewards
  • complete and mail in a paper application (available at your local Meijers)
  • current Meijer credit card users can call 1-800-962-7011 to add this feature

Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to enroll and participate in the program. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to support our Relevant Academy learners.