MAY 16

Review for Your Final Exam


We have hit the last week of our online Psychology class. This week you should be focusing on Modules 7-12 for your final exam.

I have graded all Module 12 assignments and the exam. Please check Moodle for updated grades. I will be in touch with you later this week to see how your review is coming and any last-minute questions you may have.

You all have been put in 20 weeks of hard work on these 12 modules. The final exam is worth 25% of your grade for this class. In addition to the review modules, check out your old tests for each module.

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Continue reviewing for the Final Exam. Use the Review module. Take your time! Review the materials included in the review module and go back to review the specific notes and assignments in each. Today you will focus on Modules 7-8.

Your exam is made up of both multiple choice questions and constructed response questions. You will have two attempts but that’s it’s worth putting in the extra time to study! The exam must be completed by 11:59 pm on May 20th. The Final Exam is worth 25% of your overall course average.


to Diana S. for her analysis of social media in Module 12 Lesson 3: " Social media benefits include: fast way to find out the news, connect with friends, and a form of entertainment. Negative impacts include: cyber bulling, getting catfished, and getting false information from a Facebook post."


To get some extra practice on our 12 modules, use this flashcard game as a alternative way to practice your knowledge of the terms. Most of these terms will be assessed on your final exam.

Module 7 and 8 includes these six important concepts:

1. Memory

2. Storing Information

3. Retrieving Information

4. Thinking

5. Language

6. Theories of Intelligence


5/16-5/17: Review for Psychology Final Exam

5/18-5/20: You can take the Psychology Final Exam during this block of time.


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