Ibn Battutas Trip

North Africa to Eqypt

Interesting Facts On The Location :

1. Travel was dangerous by land and sea.

2.While Traveling he was on a donkey.

3. After riding through the mountainous interior of Morocco, Ibn Battuta arrived at the busy trading city of Tlemcen. From there he set off onto a pilgrimage trail through an area where few people lived.

4. The travelers arrived at the port of Algiers where they camped outside the city walls waiting for other pilgrims to join the caravan.

Things Battuta did or saw why he was there :

1. The next city they reached was Constantine where Ibn Battuta met the city's governor who gave him a gift of money and a fine woolen cloak.

2. On his way he passed the pyramids of Giza, he wrote that .. "The pyramid is an edifice of solid hewn stone, of immense height and circular plan, broad at the base and narrow at the top, like the figure of a cone."

3. "If God decrees my death, then my death shall be on the road, with my face set towards ... ( MECA )

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