Fair Use and Copyright

By: Patrick Bouhan and Alex Snyder

Attribution and Fair Use

Attribution is giving the author of a work credit for using their work. Fair use is when you use someone else's work without the need for permission or payment.

Creative Commons License

A creative commons license is a public copyright license that lets the distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work.

Public Domain and Copyright

Public Domain is when a work is open to the public and doesn't need to be given credit to an author. Copyright is an exclusive legal right given to someone that protects their works from being stolen.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is when users of the internet have to follow rules and behave on the internet.

Examples of free websites

One example of a website with free images is Pixabay. They offer many different images for free to anyone.Another example of a free image website is Freerange.

How to know if something is copyrighted

A couple ways to tell if its copyrighted is if it has watermarks on the image. Another way to tell is if the image has a copyrighted symbol on it.