The daily propaganda

Bandwagon vs. testimonial


Bandwagon is, in a nutshell, if everyone else has it, you need it

Like if you see everyone with the latest smart phone you will start to want it

Or if you see a lot of people with Cadillacs you will wish you had one

Or if you see a lot of people playing the latest video game you will want to play it

It uses a lot of people that have that product or doing that thing they are trying to make you do


Testimonials on the other hand use celebrities such as Michael Jordan, tiger woods, or Michael Jackson. this is a type of propaganda used for such things as rallying support for a cause or a rebellion or trying to sell a certain product to a specific age group

The comparison?

Both of these are types of propaganda used to make you believe that product is right for you or that cause is just as reasonable as the constitution itself