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Whole Brain Connection

The Scoreboard Game:

Keeping your students engaged is a critical part to success in the classroom. Classroom management undoubtedly plays a role in maintaining students' interest.

In Chris Biffle's book Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids he details how to set up the Scoreboard game in your room. Biffle explains the variety of ways to play the game and the unlimited number of levels students can achieve.

Below you will find the script to setting up the Scoreboard game, but for more details check out pages 62-76.

Check Out This Video

Here is a 3rd grade class using WBT for Oral Writing!
Whole Brain Teaching Ohio 3rd Graders: ORAL Unrehearsed Essay!

Word Walls

How's your word wall looking now a days? Is it frail and on life support? Be sure to check out this article. Your word wall is a tool for students, and as you slowly glance that way as you're reading these words...ask yourself...are you providing an effective tool for your students?

Question and Response

Thank you to those who submitted their responses to last month's question. Here are a few to enjoy!

This month's winner is Mrs. Hensley from HSA Grand Prairie!!

*We (our 5th grade team) are using a lot of QR codes in the classroom- checking in and out chromebooks and classroom library books, leaving and returning to the classroom, PRS and DPS, etc. They are working really well and students are showing us they are responsible for these procedures! :)

So far I am having the most difficult time incorporating the scoreboard from whole brain into my classroom. I am still working on it but it's flopped as of right now. :(

*The one thing that is working well is the mirror words. My students respond well to this. The one thing that is a flop is the scoreboard. It is too much to keep up with during my busy day for 4 different classes.

*For the first time in 5 years of teaching I started lining my kids up in number order... this has made my life much easier. It was something that seemed would be a hassle but actually has helped with a lot…for example no struggle over who is first etc.

Your Favorite Teacher

In a few sentences tell us who your favorite teacher was, and what they did to earn that spot in your mind.

*Be sure to email your response to your coach for a chance to WIN!!


Reasoning Mind - We are nearly at 100% launched, strive to reach targeted minutes. Don't forget about the change in expectations for 3rd and 4th grade STAAR Mode starting October 17th.

Beginning of the Year Assessments - Small Groups, Small Groups, Small Groups! Now is the time to capitalize on your knowledge of data and set up your homogeneous groups for small groups.

Think Central - Any issues with Think Central should be reported ASAP a document has been created to collect information on continued glitches

Curriculum Drive- With a crazy 1st quarter in the books, be sure to check your curriculum drive regularly for updates, attachments, assessments.

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