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The Power of the Loom

The Power of Loom, where the power is within.

Power Loom by Edmund Cartwright is available now!

The Power Loom is a loom used to improve the speed and quantity of the actual weaving of cloth. This is the first invention that allows weaving to be performed more mechanically. The Power Loom solves the problem of have to weave cloth completely by hand and it industrialized the textile industry in England. The Power Loom can also be operated by water in some models.

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Who should buy the Power Loom?

Usually people who own textile or clothing factories and are looking for a better more sufficient way of producing cloth. Or just people who usually produce handmade clothing for their families and would like it to be done much faster and easier than before.

Why was the Power Loom invented?

The Power Loom was invented because when Edmund Cartwright saw Richard Arkwright's spinning machine he was instantly inspired to create something to help make weaving more easy as it was the hardest and most time consuming job in the textile industry.

How will the Power Loom change the nature of work?

The Power Loom positively affected the ways of life in the textile industry but it also had a bad effect. Prior to the invention of the Power Loom, factories only produced thread and yarn, where hand loom weavers had been guaranteed a constant supply of thread, jobs and high wages. Local weavers were worried that the Power Loom would replace their services because of it's high quality and great production.


"Ever since i've purchased a couple Power Looms my factory production has never been better! The work gets done so much faster and we are producing so much more! I love the Power Loom and I recomend it to all weaving companies or weavers!" - Happy Weaving Company

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