Friendly Competition Time!

November 12, 2014

Dear 1st Impressions Team Leaders,

  • You're amazing.
  • You're a doer.
  • You're a leader.
  • Your team needs you.
  • We ALL need YOU!
  • You can motivate, inspire, educate, coach & mentor.
  • We love you.

Our Team's November Trunk Show Pipeline is AMAZING! And we're bringing new people onto our team--FANTASTIC!

Why not beat our best and keep increasing our numbers since we're in this outstanding month of the year? Let's make our entire team's November one to write down in history!

As Associate Stylists Leaders and above, we need your help...

Announcing our Team-Wide 4-DAY GIVEATHON CONTEST!

Big image

We're going to give THOUSANDS of Style Rewards away to Hostesses this month!

We're going to give People Financial Opportunities with FUN, FASHION & FLEXIBILITY!

Starting Tomorrow, Nov. 13 through Sunday, Nov. 16th - TEAM-WIDE PROSPECTING BLITZ!

We're going to have a fun, friendly contest among our 1st Impressions Teams of who can:

  • Book the most shows for November (if not for Nov., then offer Dec., then offer Jan)
  • Have the most CONVERSATIONS (not just leaving voicemail messages)
  • Get the most Nos
  • Leave the most Voicemail messages
  • Sponsor the most
  • Get the most referrals
  • And whatever else your team would like to throw in as a category

Actions beget results! Let's see if we can have 100 conversations team-wide in 4 days!

*** SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE 1st IMPRESSIONS TEAM TREAT: Friday Morning Team-Call with Danielle!!!!!

Big image

Danielle is going to jump on the line for JUST OUR TEAM!!!!!

I'll be sending these details to our entire team but just so you know...

Friday, November 14th:
9am ET / 8am CT / 6am PT (get your coffee ;) / 2pm GBT /3pm GMT

International Dial In Numbers:

US: 605-562-3130

Canada: 605-562-3107

UK: 44 0 330 606 0182

France: 33 0 755 500 192

Ireland: 353 090 646 4151

Access Code: 909220

International Playback Dial In Numbers:

US: (605) 562-3139

Canada: (605) 562-3111

France: +33 (0) 7 55 50 01 98

Ireland: +353 (0) 90 646 4164

UK: +44 (0) 330 606 0719


To help get more people involved and recognized, we'll team up groups to goat each other on.

TEAM LINE UPS based off Directors/Stars downlines:

~ Divas (led by Kristen Weiss & Sarah Pearsall) vs. Connect the Dots (led by Melissa Spiers & Pamela Thomas)

~ Renegades (led by Valerie Lawrence) vs. Marie-Mathilde Delahaye's French Team vs. UK 1st Impressions vs. Carrie's Personal Generation

~ Charming Impressions (led by Heather Stephens) vs. Sparkles (led by Ginger Pingree)

~ Stellar Impressions (led by Alicia Hackney) vs. Heather Dodge's Team

ASSOCIATE STYLISTS +: What do we need from you? From Thursday through Sunday...

All we ask from is that you provide a few sentences of encouragement, support & enthusiasm to your team Facebook pages to get people excited.

Call your teammates who aren't on Facebook and encourage them to join in the fun.

EACH DAY, these leaders will post their teams results on the 1st Impressions Team Page

Divas: Kristen Weiss

Connect the Dots: Melissa Spiers

Renegades: Valerie Lawrence

1st Impressions and UK 1st Impressions: Carrie McGraw

Charming Impressions: Heather Stephens

Sparkles: Ginger Pingree

Stellar Impressions: Alicia Hackney

Heather Dodge

Marie Mathilde Delahaye

There will be TWO Threads on which to post on the 1st Impressions Facebook Page (you could also use these threads on your team pages if you have them for easy tracking).

  1. Action Thread: Numbers of shows booked, conversations had, etc. On your own team pages your threads could be discussing what people are doing, results of bookings with hostesses, dates, times; who has sponsored with new stylists name, etc.
  2. Fun Thread: A few highlights of what came from your team threads. For example, what will stylists do with their well-deserved cash? Goals, most random response, funniest story, etc.

Click below for 1st Impressions Team Facebook Page

Join in and watch your team's energy build. READY.SET.GROW!!!!

Carrie McGraw
Senior Director & Founding Leader