School Issues Daily

Editor Deverick Houston

Why School is Excruciatingly Wonderful

School food who doesn’t love it? I love to bite into a half cooked chicken patty inside of a stale patty and browned lettuce. Every time I take a bite I say to myself how lucky I am to be enjoying this fine cuisine prepared by the best cooks around the city. You can taste every ounce of care put into the preparation of the delicatessens. I come to school every day looking forward to standing in lines to see what has been prepared for us.

When I look through the different lines I look for what I have a taste for and expect for the taste to be fulfilled. When I receive my entrée that expectation goes out the window I just hope I’ll be able to chew AND swallow my food. School food is everyone’s choice favorite, isn’t it? I’m almost positive everyone would choose the beloved school food over their usual food choice options. Over the weekend I get upset that my Chick fil a doesn’t taste like the normal weekday chicken sandwich served by my 5-star school kitchen staff.

I love the way the lunch staff leaves me wanting more as I go back to class. The way they never give you enough as to entice me to come back the next day, and the next day, and so on until the school years end. Every time I watch them prepare my food I see how they take off something to make my meal perfectly non-proportioned to my size. I love the unfair advantage they have over how much food I eat. That is why every single day I return getting more of the scrumptious 3rd grade sized meals. It’s amazing how I eat the same amount as a primary school student and I’m on my way to adulthood.

Knowing that I have to pay over two dollars for something that I really enjoy is understandable right? Most would agree who pay for their lunch don’t mind paying for something they didn’t have a choice in choosing what is served. Having the right to choice in what I eat and what I pay for it is insane. I need the proper structure to tell me how much I need to pay for disproportional unsatisfying food.

I would love to see some involvement by Spring Nutritional employees in bettering what they serve and give to student daily. It would not hurt for better food choice options and better price and why not let it be nutritious. Being in a place for eight hours I expect for the people feeding me be great cooks if I have to better myself daily so should they; right? After all if my parents have to pay taxes maximize those dollars you’d be amazed of the outcome.