Alabama Cave Shrimp

The Best of the Cave Shrimp

This is an Alabama Cave Shrimp

How can you look at this adorable shrimp and let it be on the endangered species list?

Where are the Alabama Cave Shrimp Located?

The Alabama Cave Shrimp are located in about 5 caves in Madison County, Alabama. The five caves are Shelta Cave, Bobcat Cave, Hering Cave, Glover Cave, and Brazelton Cave. The population in Shelta Cave, though, is thought to have died out.

Why Is The Alabama Cave Shrimp Endangered?

The caves that the Alabama Cave Shrimp live in are threatened by ground water extraction, which is causing the shrimp to lose their habitats. Groundwater in the caves are also being contaminated by cadmium and various chemicals.

Why Are The Alabama Cave Shrimp Important?

Ecologically - Alabama Cave Shrimp help keep the life cycles in the caves that they inhabit circling smoothly. They provide help keeping the nutrient cycles in the caves going, and are a key factor in the food web of these habitats.

Economically - Alabama Cave Shrimp keep the water that is being extracted clean for consumer use. Beyond that, though, the Cave Shrimp do not do much economically.