A Peek at Our Week

Mrs. Janich's 1st Grade

Notes from the Teacher

Important Dates

12-11 PTO Movie Night 6:30 pm

12-14 Quarter Store

12-17 Holiday Program 6:00pm

12-18 Rudolph Day (Wear pajamas)

12-22 Ronald McDonald 1:00pm

12-23 Grinch Day (Wear green and a Santa hat) & Winter Party (snacks)

12-24 through 1-3 NO SCHOOL Winter Break

1-15 End of 2nd Quarter & Falcon Frenzy Assembly

1-18 No School

Holiday Concert

The Holiday Concert is on Thursday, December 17th @ 6:00pm. Students need to be there by 5:30pm. They should wear their best holiday clothes.


button down shirt

tie (regular or bow)

dress pants if possible

no jeans please


beautiful dresses

skirts & tops

dressy pant outfits

no jeans please

(yes, satin or velvet dresses are appropriate)

dress shoes, sandals are great

no high heels (we are on risers,

remember-safety first)


Our Top Readers & Reader's Theater Week

November's Top 5 Readers

Jocelyn- 880 minutes!

Kylie- 865 minutes!

Londyn- 780 minutes!

Zak- 614 minutes!

Aiden W.- 572 minutes!

17/18 students made their reading goal!! Way to go friends! Students will celebrate with lunch in the classroom! I told students that we will have a pizza party if we ever have all students meet their reading goal! : )

Reader's Theater Week begins Monday with the play "Old McDonald's Noisy Farm".


Tens & Teens

Putting together “10 and some more” to make the numbers from 11 to 20 is the core work of this module. Students build place-value understandings and use the Make Ten strategy to become more efficient at solving addition combinations to 20. The first session introduces the concepts of 10s and 1s and the idea that they can be put together to make a teen number. In the three sessions that follow, students learn the Fifty or Bust! game, in which they build and add collections of numbers between 10 and 20, trying to get to 50 without going over. They write equations for their collections as well. It ends with a unit assessment.

Spelling Words

Open Vowels

1. go

2. so

3. no

4. me

5. he

6. we

The students have been working so hard on their spelling words. This week, with it being crazy with Rudolph day and our holiday concert, these "simpler" words are my way of saying Merry Christmas!! :)