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This is Pennsylvania it is a wide area this is with joy. It has many things that you don't see in the map. It has many,many and many things that you will like in the trip.


Pennsylvania's state flag means "Old glory" The colors are blue, white and blue again. It also has two horses and a eagle on top of a cup.


Pennsylvania's abbreviation, it is PA. It sands for Pennsylvania. Also, the nickname of Pennsylvania is Keystone State, it may sound weird but, that is its nickname. The licences plate is HPZ5473. All of these are Pennsylvania's "Extra" Things about it.

Did you know?

Did you know that Pennsylvania was one of the 13 colonies. Yes, yes they were. With in that, Pennsylvania was discovered by William Penn. As you can see, it was named after the one that discovered Pennsylvania. He was also a leader of the Quakers. He also has children, many of them.


It is how that bird looks like.
Ruffed Grouse
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Pennsylvania is located in a big place. Some of it is covered in water. Pennsylvania takes up a lot of space and that matters too. You see, Pennsylvania is a good place to visit but is it good enough for you? Of course! But, the landmarks or spectacular! Pennsylvania has everything you need! It is a fine place to go to.
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Liberty bell

It was a magnificent change to people. It was a wonderful thing in July 8 1777 . The Liberty bell, stands for Americans Independence. It is mostly celebrated in Philadelphia. The most painful thing (The crack) happened in 1817 or 1846. Well it is still standing for many years now.


This is a place where you can visit in Pennsylvania. It is Independence national historical park. This place is a place that means American revolution. It is somewhere that is important to people. Many people celebrate this amazing day that happened.
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This insect has no harm to people. But, you can catch them at night. They come out at night because they want their light to shine. Well, this is Pennsylvania state insect. It has a light that helps it.