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Edgecumbe College - 11 August 21

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Kia ora!

Kapa Haka – Just Stunning

Our Kapa Haka students competed at the end of term in the regional Te Haka a Toi - Mataatua me Tākitimu ki Tauranga Secondary School Regional Kapahaka competition in the QEll centre in Tauranga.

They were just amazing and did our school, themselves and their Whanau proud. The whole school watched them live in the school hall and were held spellbound by their performance. Nga mihi to Butch, Donna, Keely and all of the tutors, parents, whanau and supporters that helped and supported our awesome Rangitahi.

We are so proud of them, and look forward to even greater things in the future. Our students are amazing.

Mike King

We were fortunate to have Mike King come to talk to our students and Whanau on Wednesday the 4th of August in the school hall, thanks to Melissa our SENCO – special needs coordinator organising Mike through Eastbay REAP who very generously sponsored his visit to the school, along with a free sausage sizzle for all students.

What an amazing man Mike King is, keeping our students completely engaged through an hour and a quarter talk, that made us laugh and cry at the same time. We can only applaud and stand in awe for the work that he does in the arena of Mental Health for young people. His talk was very pertinent to our Rangitahi, and there were some very important messages for them around keeping good mental health. Particularly around looking out for each other – which is something our students are amazing at.

The students raised just under $1000 for his charity through our own sausage sizzle and no-uniform day. Check out the article by Paige below.


A big thank you to parents and students for their work around keeping in school uniform. There have been a small number of students who needed extra items of uniform, but overall the response has been very positive. Shoes still cause us a few problem, but by and large thank you to all for supporting us a school and keeping our students looking smart and a part of the school. Please if there are any issues please come and see me and we will get it sorted without fuss.


The year is fast disappearing, with little over a term of school left for Senior students before their NCEA exams begin.

Please talk to your student about the importance of making a big effort over the next ten school weeks to complete all assessment work, study hard, talk to their teachers about what work they need to do, or difficulties they may be having, seek help and support, and make the most of the small amount of time left.

Books for Te Hāpai Ō

Please, if you can Te Hāpai Ō, our learning support centre is desperately in need of good reading books for our students. Generally, easy readers that have a high interest content and good pictures would be perfect. So if you can donate some books, please just drop them off at the office. We would very much appreciate it. Also we need to book cases to put them in, so again if you have an unwanted book case, please give us a call.


We are trying very hard as a school to ensure that we communicate well with you - our parents and whanau. We think this is absolutely critical for meeting the diverse needs of all our students. However we don’t always get it right.

Please if you feel that we are not getting back to you or not following up on our promises email me directly and I will follow it up for you and make sure you are contacted. My email is principal@edgecumbecollege.school.nz. As always don’t leave it too long, it is much better to deal with an issue straight away. My apologies if we have dropped the ball, but let me know so that I can rectify the situation.


Mike Jackson

Winter School (July School Holidays)

Big thanks to the 34 students who came to Winter school for making it such a success. Congratulations also to those who gained their license through the Bluelight programme, and Level 2 students who completed Basic Barista training.


Our gifted and talented group meet every Monday. One of their goals was to learn about drone operations so we researched, read up on flying rules, then bought one! She's called Dora and once the weather settles down we hope to have her flying!

Girls Rugby

Our Girls Rugby team play their last game of the season next Monday 16th - it is a home game so come down and support them at 4pm, on our school field.

SIX of our Edgecumbe College Girls have been named to the Eastern Bay of Plenty U16 Rugby Team!! Let's hear it for Nina Rakete, Ataria Turner, Skie Ratapu, Kahnesha Whiley, Raehe Ashford and Wyntah-Sarah Hakopa.

We are also very pleased to share that Edgecumbe College Coach Matt Brown has received the honor of coaching the EBOP team. WHAKAMIHARO!!

Senior School Ball

2021 Nineties Night Senior School Ball

A huge thank you to all our awesome senior school students for a wonderful Ball vibe on Saturday night. You all looked fabulous in your formal outfits and you made such efforts to present yourselves so well, arrive with such a positive attitude and really participate in the night. It was fabulous to see so many of you dancing the night away. It looked incredible and the event breathed life into our newly refurbished hall.


Our fabulous 2021 Nineties Night Ball Committee- we did it!

Parents and whanau for supporting our students to attend and participate and for coming to watch the arrivals – a special mention to Matt, Simon, and Raymond - Dads who supported us with the inside decorating of the hall, the photography area, and the outside lighting. Carol Bell for the massive effort made over a period of weeks to organise the catering for our ball. Faith, Haka, and Crystle for supporting her on the night.

Donna and the Edgecumbe Bluelight team provided security on the night.

The wonderful Prefects from Whakatane High School and Trident High School who joined us – you were so much fun!

The staff who supervised on the night judged and presented awards – a special mention to Mrs Elkington who managed the cloakroom area all night, and Mrs McKernan who facilitated the nominations and winners for the awards as Head Judge.

Rahera Fox – Photography – we can’t wait to see the photos! We will be posting some here next week.

John Whelan- DJ – awesome sounds Sir!

Jaimy- Photo Booth Fun- a fun addition to the event

Tui Party Hire – amazing advice, delivery service, and assistance – you are there for us every year and we so appreciate you.

Until next year….


BOOKS for Te Hapai O


READERS - volunteers to come and read with our students

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Our new APP

Edgecumbe College has gone digital! Our new app can be downloaded from the app store (School Apps NZ). Once you have downloaded this, enter in 'Edgecumbe College'.

Once we're all set up, you'll need to register so that you get parent-only communications.

Its very easy to use and free. You can fill in an absentee form, see previous notices and newsletters, go straight to Kamar to access your student's records, see our school calendar, and receive emergency notifications if necessary.

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Mike King (article by Paige)

On Wednesday the fourth of August, Edgecumbe College was honoured to host Mike King so he could speak on the topic of mental health amongst youth and adults. He made his presentation as humorous as possible so he could reach out to the youth and keep them interested and entertained while he spoke on a serious topic.

The best part of his presentation was that he spoke about himself and the struggles he’s faced in life instead of speaking about the students and telling them how they can fix themselves as other speakers may do. He talked about his toughest life struggles and the lessons he had to learn along the way.

He spoke about four lessons that everyone should know so that we know that we’re not alone and that a lot of this is normal to feel and go through. Lesson one was that most people go through and experience self-esteem and self-confidence issues throughout their life. Lesson two is that you have two voices in your head, the voice of reason and the inner critic. Some people don’t actually hear their voice of reason as much or at all. Coming from a student perspective, I was shocked to see just how many people also didn’t hear their voice of reason. Lesson three, there are two types of people who deal with rejection, type A and type B. Type A people when they walk in a room and see that people don’t like them will suck the fun out of the room and make themselves small and the victim whereas type B people when they see the slightest hint of rejection in someone’s eyes will become all defensive and angry at the person who rejected them. The only similar thing about these two types of people is that they just want to be accepted by the people around them. Last but definitely not least is lesson four that just because someone seem to have their life in order and running well but really no one does, no matter how well put together they seem to be they aren’t because everyone pretends that they’re fine because they think they need to.

Mike King finished his presentation by telling us what he wants us to do to help make us feel better about ourselves, something he has been doing for about two years now. He asked us to go up to two random people every day and say something nice. He told us a story of how a man once pushed in front of him in line and he just wanted to punch something but instead, he went to the bathroom and thanked the cleaner who was cleaning in there. The cleaner had spent his entire shift getting weird looks and insults so it really made his day. When confronted on what he did he said that he did it to make himself feel better and make someone else’s day.

On Tuesday Edgecumbe College had a non uniform day and sausage sizzle in order to raise money for Mike King and we ended up raising just under a thousand dollars. The one message I hope the people who attended this presentation or anyone in general is that you’re not alone and other people have or are going through the same things as you. I was shocked at the amount of people that raised their hands to say that they go through those things as well.

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Poihakena Portraits

We are so lucky to have Poihakena Portraits - https://poihakenaportraits.com/ coming to the school on Saturday September the 4th this year to deliver their style portraits to anyone in the community that would like to take part.

Check out their website if you are interested and make your booking for the day. Charges are all on the website. Enjoy!!

If you loved Nathan Wallis, you're going to want to see Kathryn Berkett!

What is it about that moment when we can’t find our keys? Why does your teenager stand in front of you and not be able to do more than just grunt? What effect does screen time have on our children's brains? Kathryn will unpack the stress response and our neurobiological reactions to our environment in a way that will have you saying: “Oh my goodness - that makes complete sense!”

We are really excited to be hosting Kathryn Berkett on the 2nd September. Kathryn's presentations are engaging and humorous - you'll be laughing all evening and having lightbulb moments.

Tickets on sale soon - pencil in the date! In the meantime check out her TEDx talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrOddAuNau8

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