Richard Pearse

Air and Flight Inventor

3 Sources of Richard Pearse

The 3 sources of this inventor (Richard Pearse).

1. Richard Pearse flew and landed a powered heavier-than-air machine in March 31st 1905

2. Richard was a farmer and Inventor

3. Richard Pearse is known for pioneering flights in heavier-than-air aircraft.

All About Richard Peearse!

Richard William Pearse (3 December 1877 – 29 July 1953) was a New Zealand farmer and inventor who performed pioneering experiments in aviation. Pearse made several attempts to fly in 1901, but due to insufficient engine power he achieved no more than brief hops. The following year he redesigned his engine to incorporate double-ended cylinders with two pistons each. Researchers recovered components of his engine (including cylinders made from cast-iron drainpipes) from rubbish dumps in 1963. Replicas of the 1903 engine suggest that it could produce about 15 hp (11 kW). Verifiable eyewitnesses describe Pearse crashing into a hedge on two separate occasions during 1903. His monoplane must have risen to a height of at least three metres on each occasion.[5] Good evidence exists that on 31 March 1903 Pearse achieved a powered, though poorly controlled, flight of several hundred metres.[6]

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