Jackie Robinson: societal issues

By Gavin and Alair

Who is Jackie Robinson

  • Jackie Robinson was the first African American Major league baseball player
  • played basketball, baseball, and track
  • He had a .311 bating average
  • he was born Jan 31,1919
  • died 1962
  • First African American in the baseball hall of fame


growing up in poverty

  • To get out of poverty Jackie went to college played baseball then got his way into the major league
  • In 2013 45.3 million people in the USA (14.5%)


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  • Jackie Robinson went to court for not going to the back of a bus
  • trash was thrown at him during baseball games
  • Today so many people are criticized for being different a race and being bullied


In equality in sports

  • To over come inequality he ignored the racist comments and kept playing, the outcome was him braking a color barrier
  • Today football players do not want to play because fans harassing black players with racist comments
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How to fix these problems

  • let everyone play any sport. Every one will be happy if they can do the sport they want

  • lower taxes. lower taxes will allow families to spend money on things like food and shelter

  • arrest racist people. wont be any more racist people

  • no taxes for people in poverty. will help get them out poverty

  • charity for people in poverty. will help them get out of poverty

  • brainwash racist people not to be racist. no one will be racist

  • more jobs. will give

  • teach kids that all people are equal poor people an opportunity to get out of poverty

  • Help everyone and to not discriminate because they are a different skin color. no one will be able to be racist because they will be against it

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