North Carolina

Rachel Nichols

European Settlements

In the early 1500's the French and Spanish traveled through North Carolina but did not create any permeant settlements because of lack of gold, silver, and food and disease roamed the area. In 1587, England sent a group of people to set up an establishment but it later disappears and becomes known as "The Lost Colony." The settlements only leaving behind the word "Croatoan" craved on a tree. The first permanent settlement came in 1653 and it was established by Virginians.
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North Carolina is located on the Eastern coast in-between South Carolina and Virginia. North Carolina's geography is separated into three sections, the Appalachian Mountains, the Piedmont Plateau and the Coastal Plain. Plantations were very popular because the land could grow cotton, tobacco, sugar, rice, and many other crops.
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Major Events

1590: White returns to Roanoke and all the settlers have disappeared. White finds "Croatoan" craved into a tree, the area becomes known as the "Lost Colony."

1718: Pirate Blackbeard kill off the coast

1776: North Carolina was the first to vote for independence from great Britain

1789: Admitted into the Union as the 12th state

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More Information

  • Type of Colony: Royal Colony
  • Religion: no specific religion
  • Colonial Government: ruled by a royal governor and a council appointed by the British Crown
  • Specific Trade: tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo, lumber, fur, pitch and turpentine

Important People

  • Sir Walter Raleigh funded the explorations to Roanoke Island
  • John White was sent to Roanoke Island to try and set up an establishment
  • Nathaniel Batts was the first person to establish a permanent settlement in North Carolina