Wedding Traditions

By: Domminae P.

Some Need To Know About Italian Wedding Customs

  • So they don't see each other the night before the big event, the bride and groom will usually have separate evening meals with their respective family and friends.

  • On the morning of the wedding the groom will either deliver the bridal bouquet to the bride's house or wait outside the ceremony venue and present the bride her bouquet upon her arrival.

  • The bridal bouquet is usually a gift from the groom's family and its colour and design are meant to be a surprise to the bride.

  • Wedding guests will wait outside the ceremony venue for the bride to arrive and then follow the bride and groom inside for the ceremony to commence.

  • The groom will usually accompany his mother up the aisle.

  • When the bride reaches the top of the altar, she will often hand one bloom or stem from her bouquet to the groom's mother.

  • In some regions it is customary for the bride and groom to walk to their wedding ceremony together.

  • Often when the bride leaves her home, someone will have tied a white ribbon over her front door or gate which she must cut. A white ribbon may also be tied in front of the ceremony venue to symbolise the bond between the bride and groom.

  • After the wedding ceremony all guests are given small bags of rice which are thrown over the bride and groom as confetti. If you are doing this, a word of warning the rice can sting!

  • It is considered bad luck to wear any gold on the day of the wedding until the wedding rings are exchanged.

Some Wedding Receptions

Some Common Wedding Receptions Traditions

For the traditional Italian custom of 'buste', the bride will carry a satin bag (la borsa) in which guests place envelopes of money to defer the expenses of customarily lavish Italian wedding. Sometimes the bag is guarded by the bride's grandmother during the festivities or the bride might wear it and allow male guests to put money in it in exchange for a dance with her.

Before the reception is over, the bride and groom usually break a glass. The number of pieces of shattered glass symbolize the years the happy couple will share together. At some weddings, a pair of white doves is released into the air, symbolizing the couple's love and happiness

One popular custom is a toast, usually made by a male guest after a few glasses of wine. "Evviva gli sposi" - "hurray for the newlyweds." Guests respond with thundering applause. This toast is shouted whenever there is a lull in the wedding traditions , renewing spirits and enthusiasm.

"Kiss for the bride" is another popular Italian toast. It calls for the bride and groom to stand and show their affections for all the guests to see.

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