cane corso

By: Landon Stanley

cane corso facts

scientific name: canis lupus famifliaris

role they play: they are a good therapy dog and compaion animals

cane corso description

Color: Black, Red, Grey, Fawn, Black Brindle, Chestnut Brindle

Weigh: 88 lbs to 99 lbs female, 99 lbs to 110 lbs male

Height:Female: 23–26 inches, Male: 24–28 inches

Apperence: very musculer, stalky, tough

cane corso pictures

cane corso needs


need brushing every once in a while

how much food they need

  1. puppies need to be feed 3 times a day
  2. then when they are 1 year old the need to be feed 2 times a day


they need a large amount of space


they are very mean and territoly they only do well with other dog if they are raised with other puppies.


very protective dogs


they are usally very healthy dogs.