Early College Update

NFHS Collegiate Academy & P-TECH


Tuesday, September 1, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm: Biology textbook distribution (at NF) for Collegiate and P-TECH 9th grade

  • Write student first and last name and ID# on 8.5 x 11 paper and place in windshield
  • Enter campus at student parking lot, drive around back of school to turn right into front parking lot (need to keep traffic off street)

Wednesday, September 2: Early release for all students

See link for important information, including schedule this week and face to face learning.

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Did you miss the August Parent/ Student meeting? Click here for the slide show. (9th Collegiate and P-TECH)

Did you miss the August Parent/Student meeting? Click here for the slide show. (10th Collegiate)

Counselor's Corner - Ms. Gillham

Welcome come back ECHS Naaman Forest students and parents! We are so happy to be reconnecting with you for one more school year! For some of you it will be the first year of high school and college and for some it will be a continuation of your high school and college career, but for all of us it will be a brand-new year full of victories and challenges. Whatever you bring with you, joy, excitement, fear, anxiety… you are not alone! We all share similar feelings when we are about to start a new project. I am so happy our pathways have crossed and together we will go through this school year. The American School Counseling Association gives a great advice to all American families as they start a new school year: connect with your child’s school counselor! I am going to add here some of the main reasons we should get connected and work together for the success of our students:

1- Understand the expertise and responsibilities of your child’s school counselor. School counselors make an impact in the student’s life, assisting with academic, career and personal/social development. They are professionally trained in both educating and counseling, allowing them to function as a facilitator between parents, teachers and the student to achieve student’s goals, abilities and any areas needing improvement. – Please email me if you would like to schedule a parent-teacher conference or just talk about your student.

2- Meet or contact your child’s school counselor at least three times per school year. Partner throughout the school year with your child’s counselor.

– I recognize your child is growing and it is time for them to start taking some of those leadership roles, however, checking in a few times will assure you are holding them accountable and helping them with the transition into adulthood. Please let's check a few times during the year!

3- Discuss your child’s challenges and concerns with the school counselor. As a parent, you know your child best. However, the school counselor can help you better understand your child as a student. – As your child becomes more and more independent and grows as individual and taking more responsibilities, I will be supporting families, students and teachers to navigate through this new experience.

4- Learn about your child’s school and social connections from the school counselor. When you need information or assistance, your child’s school counselor can help you get in touch with the appropriate school officials. – A great way to connect with me, our leadership team and ECHS school in general, is to attend our Monthly Parent Meeting! It is usually every 3rd Thursday of the month and we always bring the latest news and opportunities.

5- Work with the school counselor to identify resources and find solutions to problems. If your child is having a problem at school, it is important to work with your child’s school counselor to find solutions. – I am here for you, your student and your family! Most parents and students report positive outcome from our meetings! I like to believe they are telling the truth. Please contact me if you need any support.

Ways to connect with Mrs Gillham:

Mrs. Gillham Request Form

Email: rgillham@garlanisd.net

Phone: 469-300-9978

If you would like to meet with me, I will be happy to schedule a time just for you!

TSI Reading and Writing Testing 9th Collegiate and P-TECH

Do you still need to pass the TSI reading and/or writing tests?

  • 126 students need to pass reading
  • 117 students need to pass writing

Why do you want to pass before December?

  • A new TSI test version starts in January! Test now!
  • All students must pass TSI reading and writing before 10th grade.

When will we test?

  • We will start a new TSI test schedule for face to face students in AVID classes on Fridays.
  • All students are welcome to test during Intersession October 6-9 on campus.
  • Remote testing will be scheduled later in October.

How do I prepare for the TSI tests? SHMOOP!

All students MUST complete all drills and practice exams for the test(s) they need to pass in Shmoop. https://schools.shmoop.com/ We want you to be successful and believe that the time spent in Shmoop will help you achieve your goals.

So to test you must do ALL of this(for the test or tests you need): (no test will be given without 100% completion so get Shmooping now)

1. COMPLETE READING DRILLS (80 questions total)

  • Literary Analysis (4 drills with 5 questions each)
  • Main Ideas and Supporting Details (4 drills with 5 questions each)
  • Inferences in a Text or Texts (4 drills with 5 questions each)
  • Author's Use of Language (4 drills with 5 questions each)

2. COMPLETE WRITING DRILLS (80 questions total)
  • Essay Revision (4 drills with 5 questions each)
  • Agreement (4 drills with 5 questions each)
  • Sentence Structure (4 drills with 5 questions each)
  • Sentence Logic (4 drills with 5 questions each)

3. COMPLETE WRITEPLACER DRILLS (2 writing prompts)




TSI Math Testing 9th & 10th Collegiate and P-TECH (in Algebra II)

Any 9th or 10th grade students in Collegiate or P-TECH enrolled in Algebra II this year, will take the TSI math test in the spring.

Start working on the TSI test prep for math at https://schools.shmoop.com/

You will be required to pass the practice exam on Shmoop to test.

Dual Credit

Need help accessing eCampus (Blackboard) for dual credit courses? Go to: https://ecampus.dcccd.edu/

Reminder: all assignments and grades for dual credit courses will be in eCampus and not on Canvas or Skyward. This applies to:

  • Principles of Construction (P-TECH 9th)
  • Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance (P-TECH 9th)
  • Theatre (Collegiate 10th)
  • Speech (Collegiate 10th)
  • US History (Collegiate 10th)
Parents, you need to ask your students to show you their dual credit progress on eCampus. You will NOT see any grades on Skyward.

Remember, NEVER purchase a textbook for dual credit classes while you are enrolled at Naaman. GISD will purchase all dual credit textbooks for you while in HS.

Need help with Dallas College eCampus (Blackboard) access for dual credit classes?

Coming Soon - In the next newsletter look for....


Recognition of the 9th grade students who passed TSI reading and writing!

A message from NFHS leadership...stay tuned!