Architectural Styles

A-frame and Octagon

Octagon House

Definition- octagon houses were a unique house style briefly popular in the 1850s in the United States and Canada. They are characterised by an octagonal plan, and often feature a flat roof and a veranda all round


- Environmentally friendly

- Octagonal shape

- designed in 1850

- pitched roof style

-common flat roof

-8 sides( often times the sides are glass)

-cheaper to build

-" A home for all"


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A frame

Definition- architectural house style featuring steeply-angled sides (roofline) that usually begin at or near the foundation line, and meet at the top in the shape of the letter "A"


- forms an "A" shape

- very steep roof pitch

- ancient form of construction in Europe, China, and the South Pacific Islands

- used for utilitarian purposes up until the 1950s

- structure is very adaptable and can be easily changed to fit needs

- often used as vacation homes

- roof can withstand more weight than most because of the shape

- design is easily managed because of the general design

Similarites between the two

- Windows on the top level

- large use of natural light for illumination

- geometrically based shape/building

- generally contains second story decks

Jesse Diller and Adam Turbeville