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December 9, 2019

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The Principal's Office

Peaceful Lunches at Founders

Dear Families,

Your children may have come home in recent weeks sharing with you information about new lunch room routines. Lunch time is a very social time in an elementary school day and all of us at Founders want to encourage students to enjoy this social time in a peaceful, calm, and engaging manner. At Founders we have three 30-minute lunch periods, each one taking place right after students have had 30 minutes of recess. We closely examined the structures of our lunch time over the first few months of school and have been working hard in the past several weeks to create a space during lunch time that supports a successful social time for students during their day.

As students enter the cafeteria following recess, they are entering into a space with lower lights and music that is playing softly. There is a video on the screen that prompts students through all aspects of the lunch time, complete with pictures, music, and a clock that lets them know how much time they have left. This helps students stay on track and take notice of how much time they have to finish their lunch. In addition, all classrooms have a bin that includes coloring materials and card games, in the event that students finish eating before their 30-minute block of time is up. We typically have found that most students often have 10 minutes or so left of lunch time to do this. Classroom teachers have modeled and discussed the new process with their students at length over the past month.

Some students are volunteering to help with small jobs in the lunchroom after they have finished their lunch. This helps students play a role in taking care of their school environment and is entirely on a volunteer basis. We are enjoying watching students step up and take pride in their school environment.

After a month of having these changes in place, we are seeing a much quieter lunch time and far fewer behavior concerns. I have spent many days in the cafeteria since these changes have been implemented, so that I can ensure the process does not impact the amount of time students have to finish their lunch and to offer support to staff as the changes are implemented.

Founders staff will be meeting in early January to debrief how the changes are going and make adjustments as needed.

Educationally Yours,

Wendy Cobb

FMS Principal

Important Dates to Remember

December 13 - Read - In!

December 23 to January 1 - Holiday Break

January 2 - Back to School

January 16 - FMS Chorus Winter Concert (FMS Cafeteria)

January 20 - 1/2 Day Dismissal for Students at NOON!

FMS News

Music Performance! Ben Miller and Anita MacDonald at FMS on Thursday, December 5th!

On Thursday, December 5th, Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald performed for Founders Memorial students and staff in the FMS Cafeteria. As well as performing as a duo, Ben and Anita tour as a trio with Zakk Cormier, an Acadian multi-instrumentalist from Prince Edward Island. A dynamic musician with deep roots in his own Franco-Celtic tradition, Zakk brings his talents as a sympathetic guitar accompanist, as well as the driving rhythms of Acadian foot-percussion.

[From the website] "Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald have become renowned across Canada and further afield, for their synergistic approach to traditional Scottish music. Blending Scottish Lowland pipes with Cape Breton fiddle, Gaelic song and step-dance, Ben and Anita join together the threads of Old and New World traditions, while constantly exploring new ways to bring their instruments closer together. Their music has been hailed as "Playful, poignant, and passionate all at once” — "Fresh, yet totally traditional.

12.05.19 FMS - Anita MacDonald and Zakk Cormier

News from Mrs. Walsh's class

Here is a picture of the class in Argentina that Nicole Walsh's class did a Mystery Hangout with. If you look closely, you can see Nicole's kids on the screen behind them!
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Thank you FMS! From the Annual Coat Drive Organizers

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VTC Professional Pilot Technology visits FMS!

On Thursday, November 21, a group of VTC pilot students visited six classrooms at FMS - Ms. Jeffrey, Mrs. K. Mead, Mrs. S. Mead, Ms. DiVece, Ms. Gray, and Ms. McCarthy. The pilots taught the students some basics about how airplanes fly, including the four forces: lift, drag, weight/gravity and thrust. Then the pilots helped the students build paper airplanes. Using their paper airplanes, the students had a contest to see who could land their planes closest to a small runway.

Lions Club Dictionaries

On November 22nd, Doris Maynard, representative of the Essex Junction Lions Club, delivered 7 bags of dictionaries to our FMS 3rd graders. That's 110 Dictionaries! A letter written by the Lions Club was delivered with the dictionaries to each of the 3rd grade classrooms, here is what it said:

"Hello Founders Third Graders!!

The members of the Essex Junction Lions Club are pleased to present you with these dictionaries. However, these are no ORDINARY dictionaries. In addition to finding the expected parts of speech and punctuation, you will find fascinating information about other subjects, such as math, science, geography and government, even Braille and Sign Language! And a fun addition, on page 373, is a word which claims to be the longest word in the English Language!

Enjoy your dictionaries, use them often and they will provide you with a wealth of useful and interesting information.

From your friends at The Essex Junction Lions Club"

News from our Staff

Warm Winter Coats Available!

Founders Memorial School has received several brand new, warm winter coats by donation. We have been given a wide variety of sizes and colors available for students. If your child is in need of a coat, please let us know. You are welcome to come in and help us find the right coat for your child or we would also be happy to assist your child and send the coat home with them.

For more information, please call Diana Smith at 857-6304.

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Holiday Dinner Menu for FMS students!

Our CNS department would like to announce the Holiday Lunch menu for students and staff on December 12, 2019. Enjoy!!

Holiday Dinner Menu

Thursday December 12, 2019

Homemade Turkey and Gravy

Mashed Potatoes

Cornbread Stuffing

Steamed Corn

Cranberry Sauce

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Veggie Bar

Assorted Vegetables

Available Fruits

Local Fresh Apples, Apple Sauce and Raisins


Vermont Fat Free White or Fat Free Chocolate Milk, and

Assorted Fruit Juices

Students $3.25 Adults $4.00

Food Prepared and Served by EWSD’S Child Nutrition Program

Tech and Your Kids

Do you want a little more control over your child’s devices? Check out this ultimate Guide to Parental Controls! Learn how to block websites, how to filter content on websites, how to put parental controls on devices and much more.
Parents' Ultimate Guide Parental Controls

Do you need parental controls? What are the options? Do they really work? Here's everything you need to know about the wide array of parental control solutions, from OS settings to monitoring apps to network hardware. By Caroline Knorr 2/27/2019

Non-Food Celebrations at FMS!

At Founders Memorial School we are mindful of our approach to class celebrations. Our goal is to promote an allergy safe environment in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle for all students and staff. We encourage non-food classroom celebrations including birthdays, holidays and rewards.

Teachers can share different ideas on how to celebrate special occasions using non-food items and activities. When food is shared with classmates, it is important to remember that we have several students with life-threatening allergies. Many times these students are not able to share in the same treat with the other students in their class as we either do not have the ingredient list or ingredients in the treat are allergy triggers. It is always a good idea to check with your child’s teacher before sending any whole class treat to school.

Thank you for helping to keep all of our FMS students safe and healthy!

Mrs. Smith - FMS Nurse

Nuts and Bolts

FMS Early Release Tuesdays

FMS releases students at 2:00 PM EVERY TUESDAY! Make sure your student knows the plan for the end of the day!

Reminder... Absences and Tardies

  • ABSENCES/Tardies:

    • The front office NEEDS to know if your student will be absent or tardy for attendance! If you do not let us know your student is out, please expect a call from the front office to ask you about your child. In order to avoid a call, please do one of the following:

      • Call: The office number is 802-879-6326 -please leave a message

      • Email: and

      • Online Report an Absence form: Go to, go to Schools, select Founders, you will see a Clipboard on the right hand side. Click on it and it will take you to an easy online form to report an absence that goes straight to the front office.


Here's the low down on how to Volunteer your time and Help at FMS. Please follow the steps outlined on this page!

From the Nurse's office...

Please see our nurse page for important information regarding the health of your child!

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