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fundraising at Andrews Mercedes Cooper

OCS stands for Occupation Course study. Miss Benet is in charge of the group and she makes chicken and waffles. T. Wingate Andrews High. They are selling chicken and waffles for six dollars it is a fundraiser to help the kids in school get a high school diploma, and at the end of getting their diploma they gets a paying job. This fundraiser helps them raise money so that the teens / children can go on field trips; it pays for the things that they need, as in books, calculators, going to different places, out to eat. This program is a really good program that these people are doing for the teens /children because most kids think that they are stuck and think that no one wants to help them. This program shows them that this is a second chance. This program is saying if you participate we can help you get and education, after getting your diploma you will receive paying jobs, it’s not over. The staff was so nice and the students. Only thing is that the chicken and waffles are for the teachers and not for any students. There fundraiser has been going on for about a good twenty years. OCS also sold hotdogs, coffee and many more. At a lot of different places especially schools. Fourteen students and four adults help with this fundraiser each year that it is done. They do get a lot of customers, each year, preparing the food does take a good while for it to be done and cooked thoroughly. This program is very beneficial to students.

Video Games Mercedes Cooper

A lot of people like to play video games because it takes up a lot of time it is very interesting and it is also a fun thing to do. It is also an easy release from reality, a quick get-a-away from problems associated with real life. More interactive than movies and book. You don't have to imagine the action or the event. It's right there on the screen. It's a really good stress reliever. Especially if you need something to take your anger out on. Well I believe for the most part humans like to "pretend" that they are in the game. Humans believe that they are living the part of the game that they are playing. Video games give humans a place to escape and for some it actually helps relieve stress. They get so into playing a game because it has a good plot or storyline, or they can relate to it. It's also a very good time killer. They play them to do stuff they wished to do, or dreamed to. Our brains contain nerve cells that are called mirror neurons. Those cells allow us to put ourselves in someone's shoes and to experience his same emotions. When we play a video game we experience the same emotions the Hero we are controlling experiences. In other words, when the hero saves the world we feel like we saved the world as well. Problem solving and self-esteem boost, most games contain certain puzzles that give people a self-esteem boost when they solve them. Even games that contain puzzles make people feel good about them as they master them. Defeating all other human players in call of duty can make you feel superior to others and elevate your self-esteem. I love to play video games; it’s a laid back fun thing I think.

Tranfering Schools Mercedes Cooper

The reasons behind a move can sometimes be upsetting, and that can add to the stress. A parent may be forced to take a job in a new town because of company layoffs or staff reorganizations. Sometimes a death or divorce in the family can lead to a move, or your family may have to move to take care of a sick family member, such as a grandparent. Most people consider moving to be one of the major stresses in life. Leaving behind friends, familiar places, and activities creates anxiety for everyone involved parents included. And it's hard work to pack and prepare for a move and then settle into a new home. During the busy, stressful time of planning, preparing, and packing for a move, your mom and dad may be too preoccupied to realize how the change is affecting you. They may not even realize you are unhappy if you don't discuss it with them. Be open with your parents and try to talk reasonably about the move and how it is affecting you. Your parents or siblings may have the same concerns or fears. A move can lead some people to become depressed. If you find that you can't shake feelings of sadness or anxiety, talk to an adult. Don't worry that your parents are too focused on organizing their own lives and don't worry that you'll be bothering them. Most parents appreciate knowing how you feel, or you can talk to your brother or sister or a school counselor. Not dealing with feelings now may lead to problems later. It's common for people who move to feel like they're starting all over again. You have to learn new streets, new faces, and new ways of doing things. People may dress or speak differently. The slang and accents may sound different in your new community, depending on how far you move. It's natural for people to feel out of place in a new situation where they don't know the customs and rules. But sometimes starting over is and can be a good thing, Just depends on how you are taking the new change.