Physical Features in the West

By Sarah


In the West you could go anywhere to frozen tundras, hot deserts, and forests. You can go to high mountains to low valleys. Speaking of mountains California and Olympia have the Rocky Mountain Range running through them. You can climb active volcanoes and dormant volcanoes. Wait, most of the West volcanoes are dormant anyways. Hawaii although has active volcanoes, for example Kilauea, and Mauna Loa. Most volcanoes in the west are safe to live near.

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Climate and Weather

Do you prefer hot or cold weather because In the West it can be up to 70 F to 30 F! That's two extremes, hot and cold weather! In Washington and Oregon are rainy. Wyoming and Idaho grow crops. And it is dry and hot. Like I said two extremes hot and cold.

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Bodies of Water

The West has some great bodies of water. For example the Missouri River. Want to know what’s so amazing about it? The Missouri River is the longest in the United States, and its 2,500 miles long! The Great Salt Lake is another big body of water. It's so salty that no fish can live in it. The Great Salt Lake is 75 miles long and 35 miles wide. Wow!

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