4k TV Technology Information

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The emerging technologies of 4K TV

K TV is the latest kid in the block when it comes to quality and unique images; the concept is not only in the world of cinema and Television. But it has immensely changed the real time photography and video recording, the picture and image quality is very quality and unique when captured using the K4 technology, the technology is applicable in many applications which exhibits graphics and images. It is available for use in smartphones, Laptops, cameras; tablets, computer games and anything that shows images or take video recording find the technology to be super.

The sets of the new technology are readily available from several TV manufacturers, though that can make many be excited but that is just a small tip of iceberg as far as technology is concerned. There is incredibly much more about the technology and its great impact on several facets, image quality and clarity is the hallmark of 4K TV. It produces about four times the type of image quality and clarity which is exhibited by 1080p Full HD, the fact is very amazing and wonderful for such a technology breakthrough of its kind.

Definition of 4K:

4K is a high definition Television technology which exhibits very high quality images and pictures in real time, it's an Ultra HD TV which is known as a UHD TVs. The technology delivers about 4 times clarity and picture integrity of 8 million pixels as compared to the 1080p Full HD which only delivers about 2 million pixels. The image integrity and quality which is produced by this technology is very strong, the type of image is much enhanced with photographic emulsions and finer details.
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Upgrading in process:

The above description is just but the beginning of this TV series, otherwise, there is a team who are already working round the clock to see how upgrading will be done. It means the specifications which you are witnessing now on the UHD TVs is just a small detail, much up grading is on the way to even make it higher quality images and real time pictures. Broadcasters are already mulling over how the quality of image in the series will be enhanced, BBC and BSkyB are such groups who are already burning the midnight oil to make the TV series better. They are planning to enhance more in color contrast with a wide spectrum and quality.

4K vs. Ultra HD:

Ultra High Definition Television is actually derived from the 4K Digital Cinema Standards, the latest Ultra HD show a slightly lower resolutions images of about 3840 by 2160 as compared to the 4K TV 4096 by 2160 multiplex resolutions. Some local brands prefer not to use the 4K definition at all on their HD Tv just because of the factor, they prefer to remain with Ultra HD and UHD in place of the 4K. But the original branding will likely to be remaining in real time.

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Why to consider 4k Ulta HD:

There are a number of reasons to consider the TV:

a) You had better think about buying the TV technology considering many advantages it come with, it makes the photography viewing on the HD TV to be more clear and inherent when shown through the low definition 2160.

b) The display of the 4K shows finer details and image clarity as compared to the usual HD TV. The high resolutions images come with a caveat for better viewing in real time.
c) The high quality panel with 4 times pixel makes it very ideal to view the images; this is possible without drawing nearer but the grid-like structure of the picture becoming see-able or visible.

d) Watching a larger display image from a screen is very possible without having to move closer or far, grid-like element will not be visible at all.

e) All manufactured 4k HD TVs are coming in 50-inches or more, this means that viewing is always clear with a guaranteed quality.

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As at now there is no consumer projector for 4K UHD TV for LCD, Plasma, DLP or D-ILA types of televisions, but that fact will definitely change when the Texas based company will start importing the first batch of its 4K DLP Chip-set for home use. Video projector is still not available even though the 4K UHD TVs are so much on the high end with advanced technology. Though Sony brand has some forms of projectors namely VPL-VW1100ES which is high-end-quasi pro and VPL-VW500ES. Which is very user friendly home-cinema chip-set?

The cost of 4K TV:

Currently the cost of the High definition TV is moderate compared to other technologies in the market now, the very editions of the UHD TVs were very wide and large measuring at least 84 inches wide panels, the main brands were just LG and Sony models though lately there are smaller sizes in the market. The price of the first wave was between $20,000 to $30, 000 in retail outlets. Samsung also came in with a big bang in the market with a price tag of between $ 30,000 t0 $35, 000 measuring 85 inches in width. But lately prices have come down with many sizes being manufactured now, the 4K TVs now comes in even smaller sizes costing just something above $1000. More extravagantly designed models like Sony 65-inches now goes for about $3,500 and cheaper by the day.


Probably as time goes another technology is soon bombarding the space, 4K OLED is on its way to the market soon though the organic light emitting diodes has been in the market for a while now. The only challenge is that it has been very difficult to produce larger screen of the TV, this factor has posed a challenge for a while now inhibiting it to roll en-mass to mainstream Television.

The fact is a real setback for this type of TV, since its technology is great too with high definition color and contrasts, it's a big letdown to technology. There is a spirited effort to make OLED becoming a mainstream television system, among them the LG is also involved in the process.
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4K TV Channels;

Currently the TV has got no broadcasting channels though in the near future many channels will be rolled out for viewing, though the DVB-UHDTV Phase1 specification was allowed to roll its signals on air with transmission, it's transmitting the 3440 by 2160 Resolution pictures at 60GHZ and promising a better resolution to be rolled soon. Improvement of about 10 bits per pixel will be rolled and more enhanced picture in real time.

Available 4K TV contents:

There is more in the process soon to bombard the technology, though currently the available contents to watch are Net-fix which started delivering on April, 2014. So basically the Net-fix houses all contents on 4K TV as at now, immediately you point at Net-fix all contents will be rolled in real time. 4K contents automatically streams where available in Net-fix program, but there is still more in pipeline soon will be rolled to homes.

4K TVs is just one of the latest emergence in technology you have been waiting for, the technology is set to become even better in real time to bring out more enhanced color and images in real time. The contents is still limited now but a roll out will be released soon to give it more life.

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