Royal High School

join us and learn new things Monday-Thursday from nine-three

What does our school atmosphere look like?

Our school is litter free and is very clean. Our school is two stories and has smaller classrooms so students have less distractions while learning. All students are treated equally and everyone is friendly with each other and there is no distinctive cliques.

What is our standards for our students?

Royal High School requires the students keep an average above 70 or they will have consequences, we have a zero tolerance bullying policy, we expect our students to dress nice but there is no specific dress code, and they are to treat everyone with respect.

Our top expectations are shown below

Royal High School is a very safe, fun learning enviroment

What is our standards for teachers?

Our teachers at Royal High are required to have a master degree and speak another language, they must complete background checks(this is to ensure they are not a predator to our students) They must treat the students equally, They must communicate with students about their grades, and be open to tutoring if needed.

What is our disciplinary actions?

If needed our students will

  • have a phone call home
  • be forced tutoring (til grades rise to standards)
  • attend detention
  • suspension if extreme.

Fun things about or school

  • no homework
  • lots of fun activities (sports,clubs,etc.)