Oil Spills And The Fish

Do you want to risk the spilling oil and hurting our fish?

Do you Fish in Alaska? And do you want oil killing the fish?

The Federal Government wants to proceed with an oceanic drilling project for oil. This could lead to a oil spill. If you are a person that fishes, or you care about our fish then you should not like this idea of the government coming in to Drill oil in our fish populated waters. As a fisherman i Do not want the government drilling oil.

What happens to fish marketing?

Well fish marketing will take a huge blow being if there is going to be a oil spill the oil will kill our fish and also the oil will ruin our fish. So the fish can not be marketed.

How can this all be avoided?

Well how do you save our fish if you take a stand and don't agree with the oil

Drilling in Alaska and we can keep our fish healthy