By:Lauren Hernandez-Pena & Chandler Blakeley

What are the causes of floods? and how does it negatively effect the enviroment?

The causes of floods is that floods will damage roads,and collapse bridge. The floods will also bring too much water,and will cause damage to farmland.Flooding also causes people to loose their home.Diseases can also come from flooding.

Floods are negative to the enviroment.They can cause animals to die due to water trapping them and causing them to die.Pollution also spreads through the enviroment.They flood water will push away the things that cause pollution then it will spread to the enviroment.

How does floods negatively effect people? What are the postive effects of floods?

Floods effect people by damaging their property,health conditions such as dieases ,economic activities,and results in the loss of livehood.For farmers the loss of their livestock.Peoples emotions can be angry,sad,and terrified due to the loss of home,loved ones,or scared whats going to happen to the city.

Suprisingly floods have benificial effects these are:

-They allow new vegitation.

-Distribute new sediment .

-They return nutrients back to the soil.

-It makes the soil fertile and better for agriculture.

Great Flood of 1927

The Great Flood happened in Arpil 1927 in Missisippi.They reason why this flood is called the "Great Flood" because the whole lake was flooded completey.The cause of the flood was th Niagara Falls forced the river to overflow. The effects of the flood was the damage to people homes,city property.Sadly, 246 people died.The property damages estimated to about $350 million dollars,and over 130,000 homes were lost.

What are the Tx. ecoregions that are effected by the event ? Does W.E.D occur because of the event?

The ecoregions are Central Tx. or Austin.W.E.D does not occur because the flood occured because of a dam.