Mrs. Nelson's Science Class

6th Grade Physical Science

Welcome back from Spring Break! What's up for this week in class...

Monday: Monday we learned about Newton's First Law. Ask your student to tell you what it is.:) We practiced some tricks that have to do with the law, such as a coin/card/glass flip trick and a swipe trick with dominoes and a ruler.

Tuesday: We talked about Newton's Second Law and momentum. In our Pink Packets we have been taking notes about each law. The notes are up on schoology.

Wednesday: We learned about Newton's Third Law and were introduced to the antics of Laurel and Hardy.Gravity, friction and forces are not their friends!

Thursday: Today we will be reviewing all three laws with work in our Pink Packets and checking in our textbooks some facts about forces. It will be preparing us for our big lab on Friday!

Friday: Today is our Newton's Law Lab Stations Day! Each student will be exploring 12 stations, each one is a fun way to study forces. Balloons, bowling, rockets and yo-yos will be involved.

FINAL UNIT 3 TEST (forces and motion) WILL BE ON APRIL 4th!

Schoology will have a review folder that students will have access to next week. We will spend three days reviewing in class. There will be a study guide and practice tests in class and online.

Space Fact Thursday this week. What will it be?