Articles of the Constitution

The Supreme Law of the Land

Article I

Lions- Legislative

Article I talks about the Legislative branch. The Legislative branch is the lawmaking body of our government. It is bicameral and contains the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has equal representation while the House of representatives depends on state population. The legislative body is also called Congress.

Article II


Article II discusses the Executive branch. The Executive branch enforces the laws. The President heads this branch but has many advisers. A President serves a four year term with the option for re-election. The executive branch also deals with other countries.

Article III

Jam- Judicial

Article III discusses the Judicial branch of government. They interpret the laws made by Congress. It is a system of courts in judges starting off small at the city level and making its way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is headed by 9 judges who are all elected directly by the President and have the option to serve for life.

Article IV

So- States

Article IV of the Constitution talks about how states get along with each other. The federal government oversees how states interact but states have to follow certain rules. They have to have a representative democracy government and follow all laws set by Congress. They are allowed to differ in law when Congress hasn't officially made a rule saying that they can't do something.

Article V

Ants- Amendments

Article V of the Constitution discusses amendments. When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution they knew that changes would have to be made as the years went along. They allowed for changes to be made by amendments. This process is difficult but it needs to be if it is going to change the Constitution.

Article VI

Start- Supremacy

Article VI talks about the laws. The federal law is always supreme over state laws and it is the judicial branches job to determine who has broken the law. All governments must swear an oath to the Constitution saying that they will abide by the federal law.

Article VII

Running- Ratified

Article VII discusses how many states must ratify the Constitution to make it the official law of the land. When New Hampshire signed it they became the 9th and final state required to put the Constitution into effect.