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Updates from Instructional Technology in Aldine

Block Students from Connecting to Your Promethean Board

Are students connecting to your Promethean Board during your lesson? If so, exit AirServer each morning before class starts and students won't be able to connect to the board!

Can't decide which student to call on in class?

Use Wheel Decide! If you can’t decide, all you need to do is touch the wheel, let go, and let the Wheel Decide. Click Here to get started!

Featured Lesson of the WEEK: Who are you ONLINE?

What does it actually mean to "be yourself" or to "be "real"? Those are deep thoughts for any middle-schooler. For kids today, these questions matter online, too. Help your students explore why some people create different or alternate personas for themselves online and on social media.

Students will be able to:

    • Reflect on reasons why people might create fake social media accounts.
    • Identify the possible results of posting from a fake social media account.

    • Debate the benefits and drawbacks of posting from multiple accounts.

    Here's a lesson for InternetSafetyWeek (which just so happens to be this week).

    Check it out HERE!

    Issues with Adobe and PDF files?

    Tech Services will start storing those pesky updates that pop up on our devices in the Software Center. If you cannot find the Software Center (or any available updates) restart the device (computer, Promethean Board, etc.).
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    Clever & Nearpod

    Students can easily access Nearpod through Clever. Students login to Clever - go to ‘Library’ Resources - click the Nearpod icon - enter the Join a Session code - that's it!

    Prodigy Tournament Updates

    The 2nd Annual Aldine Prodigy Math Tournament is in full swing! From now until March 1st, Prodigy Game will begin monitoring who the top school, top class, and top 10 players are. The data updates every 3 days. Click Here to access the tournament data:

    INSPIRE Aldine 2019

    Please join us on February 21, 2019 - 6:00 pm at the M.O. Campbell-Teaching Theater to hear the inspirational stories of 7 amazing educators.

    INSPIRE Aldine is a "TED Talk" type event where nominated Aldine educators are asked to share what drives them to go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of their students. Please save the date and show your support for our Aldine educators as they INSPIRE all of us.

    Aldine ISD Film & Photography Contest

    The Aldine ISD Film & Photography Festival will take place on May 3, 2019, at MOC. Click here to learn more and sign up!

    Film Categories

    • Documentary - Instructional, informative, PSA, etc.
    • Narrative - Telling a story, drama, comedy, suspense, etc.
    • 60 Second Short - Any video 60 second or shorter video on any topic, including music videos, and book Trailers.
    • Broadcast Journalism - A feature story that will be between 2-3 minutes long and will be reviewed based on journalistic criteria. The story should include an interview, b-roll, quality sound, and lighting.

    All submissions must be turned in via a YouTube link, using the student or teacher’s YouTube channel by April 5th, 2019.

    Ruby Said

    You read that right, Ruby comes off the road to give us the scoop on Kurzweil 3000. With help from Angel Webb, she shares what Kurzweil 3000 is all about and how to use it.

    Need Help with Tech Integration or Training?

    Need a one-on-one or small group training? Go to ePortal and request me by email and I'll come help you!

    The DLS request is in ePortal and ready for your submissions! If you would like training or help with implementation of a program, or integrating tech within your class/department, request a training via the ePortal link!

    Here's a few ideas on training sessions: ActivInspire, BrainPOP, ClassFlow, Eduphoria, eSchool & TAC, Flipgrid, Flocabulary, FrontLine, Google, Google Classroom, Kurzweil, Nearpod, Prodigy, Promethean, Schoology, Service Console, to name a few!