chyna's happy nailer

the happy nailer

the nailer

welcome to our nailer

the time our shop opens

on Mondays we aren't open

on Tuesday we are open through 3:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night

on Fridays we are open through 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the afternoon.

Sundays 4:00 to 5:00 at night.

our nailer have's the best sales ever

if you have a coupon from us you can get everything free you don't have to pay not thing but we only sell them no Fridays because it is a better day for us. and we give out gift cards that is only 5.00$ thats it nothing more to it. but if you just want your nails done and you don't have a gift card or a coupon it only cost 20.00$ if you don't have those to things. and for you feet it is 30.00$ dollars because we have wash it and all those kinds of stuff but again for your nails 20.00$.