To the enslaved negro:

The north is waiting for you

The railways

The first step to freedom is hope. If there is anything we have learned from Denmark Vesey and Nat turner, we have learned that a united revolt is not our answer. But do not lose hope- as an individual, or a group, you can escape. You can stay a while where slavery is still denied, but break no longer, as Canada is where the true freedom lies. If you are found, north or south, they WILL take you back to the place you struggled to free yourself from, the ever so awful Peculiar Institution. And to the plantation owner, there would be no better punishments for you than floggings and whippings

Find your way northward, my friends, Far from the overseers, and escape your oppressive masters. Remember that birds fly north in the summer and south in the winter. Check the north star- the brightest star in the sky- by looking for the Big Dipper. This star will be your guide, and will always direct you towards freedom. If you are with the trees, notice the side of moss that grows- Move quickly, but quietly, and follow that side. The moss will lead you north.

Along the way you will find safe houses. Our system is the Underground Railroad- each house is your station and a safe zone. A stationmaster is at each of these houses- they can hide you from the searches and questionings. Between stations there may be conductors- people meant to assist you to the next station. You are Baggages and Passengers, Darkies. The farther you travel along this railroad, the closer you get to the Promised Land of Canada.

Plan the way

Start planning your escape, up through North Carolina, Virginia, and through Kentucky. That is your safest bet. When your masters realize you have gone, they will search far for you. Pass through streams to break the dog's scent, break away from standard trails, and be careful of traps and snares. Even traps for small mammals can hinder your progress north.

Stop along the rails at each station with a light on- The Stationmasters will aide you with food and hiding. Travel by the safest, fastest routes. Boats and trains are recommended, but only when Conducted, or when you know it is safe. Do not rest when you pass the Ohio River- The black belt may have ended, but it is still illegal by law to assist in your travels. Continue up through Canada this way. Only when you are there, will you be truly free.