Speech Law

Speaker will produce a credible, academic speech.

Definition and Purpose of the Law.

Definition:When a speaker gives a credible, academic speech, they are giving a knowledgeable trust worthy speech.

Purpose: It is important to give a credible, academic speech because once you give a speech that is nothing but lies and misinformation people will never trust you again. And it shows the teacher that you didn't even try to research your topic, it shows that you threw it together at the last minute.

What the Law Looks Like and How to Use It.

What it looks like: When giving a credible speech it should at least look like you know what your talking about. If you have a presentation that goes along with your speech the presentation should have a lot of CORRECT facts and statistics, depending on the topic of your choosing.

  • Pick a topic that you are comfortable with
  • Research your topic using reliable websites, books related to your topic, etc.
  • Get as much information as you can get (Best to have left over research than not enough)