Schools Need Libraries & Librarians

15 Reasons Why!

Libraries & Librarians are necessary because.....

  1. Need a book to read? Librarians can give you suggestions!
  2. Librarians love to collaborate with teachers to create inquiry based lesson plans!
  3. Have a plagiarism problem? Librarians can help you write it in your own words.
  4. Visit the library from home! Libraries have several e-books and electronic databases that you can access from home.
  5. Stuck on Wikipedia? A librarian can help you fine credible resources!
  6. Librarians make citing a source fast and easy!
  7. Not a Super Googler? Librarians can help you search the web and databases with (almost) lightning speed!
  8. Need both sides of the story? Librarians can help you with that!
  9. Looking for a cozy, judgement free place in school? Visit the library!
  10. Libraries have plenty of room for you to work collaboratively with other students.
  11. Research shows that schools with strong libraries contribute to student achievement.
  12. Librarians are tech savvy and love to share their knowledge and skills.
  13. Through collection development, librarians weed out old materials and add materials that compliment the state standards and will engage student interest,
  14. Want to be more creative with your assignments and projects? A librarian can help you with that.
  15. Librarians are more than shushers!


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* Pictures are of Burke HS students who gave M. Brandon permission to use the photos for this project.