Summer of Roller Coasters

My Theme Park Advenure

Roller Coaster Physics

My picture represents physical science because I rode on different roller coasters that had different speeds, heights, and drops. I felt the change in speed, noticing a decrease or increase on each roller coaster. I concluded that the higher the roller coaster, the larger the drop.

What was the most interesting part of your visit?

When I visited Happy Valley in ShenZhen, China, the Bullet Coaster (above), amazed me at how fast it launched up into the air. Even I was too scared to ride it! It interested me how the launch system worked, and that the force of the coaster after the launch was just momentum.

Three Things About Me

1.) I'm in the movie Transformers Four with my sister.

2.) I know seven different types of dance.

3.) I love to go to Six Flags with my friends.