Columbian Exchange

By: Katie St.Pierre

What is pretty much the Columbian Exchange??

Well, first off, the Columbian Exchange is where the Europeans and Native Americans traded crops and animals that are now used by us today. It has helped us a lot and I am very happy that we were able to have it. We like the Columbian Exchange because the Europeans we traded with have given us food and supplies that we could have never heard of before. Also we have given them foods they may have never heard of. Some things we exchanged were...

  • Potatoes,
  • corn,
  • wheat,
  • Tomatoes,
  • coffee,

and much more!

If we didn't have wheat, then we wouldn't have lots of things we have today such as pizza or fresh bread! Also a reason we like it is because of how it has impacted us today. We are very happy for the Columbian Exchange because of what it has provided us today. We wouldn't be living the same today if we hadn't encountered with the Columbian Exchange because it has given is many things that we use today.

Another reason why we like the Columbian Exchange...

  • Another, final reason we like the Columbian Exchange is because the animals that we have received. Native Americans had received horses from the Europeans and they have stated that the horses were very useful in catching food for them. It made buffalo hunting for the Native Americans safer and easier. The horse wasn't the only animal they received... they received chickens and cattle (cows) as well.

What is wrong with the Columbian Exchange?

We don't like the Columbian Exchange because of a few reasons. A reason we don't like the Columbian Exchange is because once they traded, the Native Americans didn't know, but they were given a terrible disease that they didn't have a cure for. Some people even died! Another reason the Columbian Exchange was because of potatoes! The Europeans had traded the Native Americans and the Europeans received potatoes. The potatoes had soon come with a fungus. Some Europeans died from this fungus. A final reason that the Columbian Exchange was that Europeans got the benefit from there trade. You might not think it is a bad thing, but it is for some people. The Europeans didn't have a problem with this, but they had forced people from places like Asia and Africa to work for them as slaves!
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Why You should vote for the Columbian Exchange...

You should vote for the Columbian Exchange because it has helped us more than hurt us. It has given us more animals and plants that we would have had. It has made our lives easier and safer today and we really appreciate it. We live safer and happier lives that we ever would.