All About My Life!

By Sarah Rowe


Well of course it all started out when I was born June 2nd 2001. My mother Stacey and father Wes. When I turned 1 years old my parents got in a divorce.My dad went to college my mother moved and got a job. I stayed with my grandparents in a town called Medaryville. My parents both visited on and off but my grandparents were always there. My mom got a boyfriend and they had a son which is now my younger brother Aiden. I loved being a big sister, I was very close to his father Robert as time went Robert was in a car accident and passed away while my brother was an infant. When I turned 5 my mother, my brother an I moved to Lafayette with my mothers amazing boyfriend Levi Gardiner. My father met a girl named Kristena they moved in together and when I turned 7 they had my sister Navaya. Of course Time passed my mother got married to Levi so i had two siblings Riley and Ean. I love them very much and is still very close to them. Before I knew it I was 12 had a new sister named Alivia and the next year I had Averie.


Aiden & Ean & Riley & Navaya & Alivia & Averie

Aiden is my 11 year old annoying half brother. He loves video games, books, and embarrassing me. He makes everything a competition and finds it hilarious to wake me up in the morning. He has a great sense of humor and terrible taste in music but I love him very much, never will I admit it to him but I do. Ean is my smart aleck step brother.He likes baseball, video games, and sleeping. He sometimes doesn't understand jokes or asks stupid questions but he still is a pretty smart cookie. Riley is my 12 year old genius step sister. She loves to read,draw,and write stories. Shes really good with her school work shes an A straight student, she also is in lots of plays. Navaya is my 8 year old goofy half sister. She loves the movie frozen, loves to play outside, and gymnastics. Shes the loudest one out of the bunch, she likes to make up the oddest stories and she has odd obsession with owls. Alivia is my 3 year old happy half sister. Alivia loves puppies, cats, coloring, and me because I am her favorite.(of course). Alivia is in the process of learning to be potty trained for preschool and shes extremely excited! Averie is my 2 year old sour patch baby half sister. Averie loves Curious George, dancing, and eating cookies. We call Averie a sour patch baby because one minute she will yell at you and the next she will give you lots of hugs and kisses!


My first best friend who still now I'm extremely close to Zoey Laxton. She has been my best friend since is 2nd grade. We have done lots of stuff together and we have been there for each other for as long as I can remember. Shes the person who will make you feel better and she could have only the clothes on her back and the money in her pocket shed give it you if you really needed it. She cares for me and I'm not sure what Id do without her. Recently last year I moved away to Delphi and its been very rough to not see each other everyday but we are both learning to be okay with it. Shes really smart and I'm not sure how difficult it is fro her to not see me. But not seeing her really sucks I just hope shes happy doing whatever she decides to do with her life.

Johnni McCarty well shes my best friend from Delphi. As soon as I came here she opened her arms friendly towards me and we got close and ever since then shes the closest person I got at Delphi. She excepts me for me flaws and all and I couldn't find a better friend. Shes such a great influence on me and is very smart.She makes me feel better when I'm stressed to the limit. Shes who i go to for the stupid talks to the very serious I want to cry talks. I love her to death.

Korynn Kinnard shes great. At first when I moved to Delphi I didn't know her very well. When basketball started she and I got really close. Korynn is so smart and shes the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Shes an inspiration to me on how devoted she is to school and sports. Shes very honest and very trustworthy. Id trust her with my life. I couldn't live a day at Delphi without her.

Jordan Keen shes the funniest. Jordan and I have a lot of stuff in common. Shes the person I goof around with. We got really close from basketball too. She has always pushed me to be a better athlete and I greatly appreciate her for it. I want be her friend as long as possible shes great. She always has the best talks and if I'm put in a bad situation she always helps me through it.

These are only a few of my great friends. I am truly blessed to have great friends. I love them very much so.


Soccer has always been a big thing for me. Its my true hobby. Its a big part of me. When I play soccer I feel like this is the one thing i could do forever and never get bored Ill never be tired I feel invincible. When everything is going bad and I'm stressed. When I play soccer all of it seems to go away I'm so happy and I'm so grateful and blessed to have the chance to play the sport. I don't go a day without feeling like I shouldn't be out on the field.

Without soccer I wouldn't be so devoted and passionate towards difficulties in my life. I love soccer its a huge part of me and without it I probably wouldn't be here today as happy as I am.


Dear Mom,

You'll probably never read this but I want you to know you're the greatest human being.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for sacrificing your "going out with friends" night. Thank you for sacrificing being young and doing what you wanted. Thank you for getting a job to support me. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for all the toys and clothes id ever want. Thank you for always trying to keep me happy. Thank you for listening to me when I'm mad. Thank you for giving me a shoulder to cry on.Thank you for being there when no one else was. Thank you for always being at every game to cheer me on. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong. Thank you for everything you've ever done I love you so much.

Sincerely Sarah Rowe

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