Rogue Community College

Grants Pass, Oregon

I plan on pursuing a career as a Paramedic

Basic school information

  • Located in Grants Pass, Oregon

  • Pre- medical programs like pre-public health, pre-medicine, Paramedic programs

  • $99 per credit

  • Have to have C's or higher

  • Have top be 18 or older with GED or high school diploma

  • 5,828 students

  • Job outlook 2014-2024, 24% (much faster than average)

Paramedic Programs and Information

  • Number of jobs 2014: 221,200
  • Fall/Winter Term EMT
  • Summer Term "Condensed" EMT Course

Fun things to do in Southern Oregon

  • Rafting
  • Wildlife images
  • Speed boat tours
  • Bear hotel artworks museum
  • Fort Vannoy Farms
  • Grants Pass Museum of Arts
  • Dutch Bros
  • Boatnik
  • Movie Theatre
  • Bowling
  • Ice skating


Annual high temperature:


Annual low temperature:


Average temperature:


Average annual precipitation - rainfall:

30.99 inch

Paying for college

I plan on paying college through

  • Financial aid
  • Academic scholarships (Three Rivers Community Hospital Youth Volunteer Scholarship)
  • Part-time job

Achieving post high school goals

My goals for the next 2 years of high school include:
  • Maintaining my high GPA (3.0 and up)
  • Receiving Medical Honors

Beneficial classes I plan to take before my college experience:

  • Body Works
  • Basic Medical skills
  • Advanced Medical Skills
  • Advanced Rescue Techniques
  • Advanced Cert
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sociology and Physiology