January 2018

Upcoming Events


4 - PTO Meeting @ 4:30

10- Early Release- Bus riders @11, car riders @12

11/12- PBIS Bootcamp- Wear Camo

15 - No School- Tentative Make up day

25/26-Buddy Days




Please send your child in a coat, hat and gloves every day. Students will go outside unless the temperature is 100 degrees or higher heat index or 20 degrees or lower wind chill factor. We will go outside for recess any chance we can. The kids need this time outside. A doctor's excuse is required for any child not going outside for recess.

Early Out Wednesday for January

The ONLY early release day this month is January 10th. Bus rider leave at 11 and car riders at 12. No PM Session.
There is NO school on January 15th.


Happy New Year from the ECEC PTO! If you're wanting to try something new

and volunteer this year we'd love to have you join our group and help plan

activities for the teachers and kids! Our next meeting will be Thursday,

January 4th at 4:30pm.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Breakfast with Santa! We had an

amazing turnout.

From the Nurse...

Snow play is geared for kids of all ages. It is an exciting activity that is fun for the whole family. Dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm and toasty outdoors. Don't forget gloves and a hat. Then finish up with heavy socks and waterproof boots. Check your kids regularly to ensure they are warm and dry!

Counselor's Corner

Helping children to develop a good self-esteem is very important as it impacts many aspects of their lives including how they learn, how they interact with friends, how they treat others, how they problem solve, and how they handle challenges. Praise your child for doing a job well done by praising the behavior. For example instead of saying "good job" you might say "you did a great job at cleaning up your toys". When your child misbehaves, talk about the behavior such as "hitting your brother was wrong and hurtful, how can you make this better?". Giving your child chores helps them to be a team player and feel capable. This also gives you the opportunity to praise their work! Finally, spending time with you child each day, even for 10 minutes, will help them feel loved and build their self-esteem.

Character Connection

Our character word of the month is integrity which is about doing the right thing even when no one is watching us. Teaching integrity can be accomplished by leading by example. The example we give is powerful. You can help your child understand more by being specific with reasoning especially when given directions on how to behave in any given situation. For example, if you were at a dance recital you would ask your child to be quiet during the performance but you can elaborate by saying "we are quiet as the performers have worked hard so we are quiet to be respectful". You can also point out positive behaviors shown by others such as if someone gave up their chair for another person and explaining to your child the circumstances. We can even teach integrity through our mistakes by admitting when we are wrong and trying again!

Snow Day Information

Inclement weather is always a possibility as we all know from our ice storm in December. Every effort will be made to provide cancellation notices as early as possible. If Lincoln County R-III is closed then ECEC is closed. As soon as a decision is made, local radio and television stations are notified. School closings will be sent via the District's FREE mobile app, listed on the District website, sent via a parent notification system and posted on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter @Linc_R3.

Please know that it is always YOUR decision whether to bring your child to school. We understand that you will make the best judgement for your own situation.

School closed, early release and late start are all options that the District may use.

1. In the event of school being closed no classes will be held that day.

2. If early release is used then bus riders will leave at 11 and car riders at 12 and no afternoon session.

3. In the event of a late start, all AM classes will be canceled and the PM class will be in session at 1pm, full day students arrive at 12pm. Lunch will be served.

It is possible that ECEC will need to adjust these times due to the timing of the weather. You will be updated as soon as possible.


Background checks need to be completed every school year by volunteers in the schools. Volunteers are encouraged to complete all volunteer requirements at the beginning of each school year. Background checks must be COMPLETED for volunteer opportunities by the first of the month before the event/opportunity. Volunteer information and forms are available on the website and the school office.

Volunteers and Visitors are two different types of guests in our schools.

Volunteers are defined as any individual that will be assisting staff and/or students in the school setting. Examples include assisting with or attending a classroom party, a class field trip or supervising students without a staff member present. Volunteers must have a paid background check.

Volunteer background checks must be completed by the 1st of the month prior to the experience that prompted the check. (I.E.: a trip that will occur on October 22nd must have forms submitted and ran no later than October 1st).

Visitors are also welcome and encouraged. At times, visitors are invited guests such as grandparents or veterans. Visitors to our schools do not need a paid background check although you can encourage frequent visitors to do so. A visitor is defined as any individual who will be in an assembly area such as an auditorium or gymnasium for the purpose of a play, assembly, etc.

All visitors must present a photo identification to front office staff AND be listed as a point of contact for the student they are visiting. **If the person is not listed, the parent must give their permission for the visit.

Visitors are also allowed in the cafeteria to eat lunch with their child. All visitors are required to report to the office, present photo identification and sign in when entering the building. All visitors must be supervised by a camera or a staff member.

In accordance with Missouri State law, persons listed on the sex offender registry may not be present in any school building, on district property, in any district vehicle utilized to transport students, or be present at school activities at any time.


The Nightly Reading Record Sheet is an amazing way to make sure reading is a priority in your house. When your child returns any monthly reading calendar completely filled in, at any time, they will receive a fun book. If they complete 6 calendars in the school year, they will get to pick a book from our “library,” Ms. Kelly will read it to them, and then they get to take it home. The Record sheet can be found and printed here

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

–Emily Buchwald

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

Each month a PBIS sheet will come home with your child to help your family support the positive behavior that your child is learning and practicing at school. Hopefully PBIS will encourage your child have positive behavior at home as well. Please read over each item on the monthly PBIS sheet and when your child has completed those tasks he or she can return it to school to add a cutout to our PBIS wall. A copy of the form can be found at this link.