Jumping Into a Joyful January!

6th Grade AIG Newsletter

Important Dates & Special Events

***** All work from Quarter 2 second 4.5 weeks that is late must be submitted by 8:30 a.m. by Friday 1/8.


Tuesday 1/12 Reading, Wednesday 1/13 Math

Get a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast!

Special Events

6th Grade Dance- Next Thursday, January 14th-Afterschool-until 4:30 pm

* A permission slip will come home today!

It must be returned by Thursday

-cost is $5.00

-drinks & snacks are $1.00 each

-no phones are allowed

6th grade Second Quarter Celebration

-Everyone may bring a drink and special snack for Friday afternoon 1/15!

-Students will choose game, movie, or dance room

-All students with 70 or above and all behavior badges may also go outside with entire grade level for additional free time Friday from 2-3.

Other Math/Science Dates

Tenmarks Ratio Set 2-due Friday!

All Buzz Math & Tenmarks corrections due Friday 1/8

Homework Review Ratio & Integer Review-due 1/8(No PPuzzler/Buzz Math this week)

Science-Types of Mountains Main course due Friday 1/8 &

Mountain Main course 2 due Wednesday 1/13

Ratio Restaurant Project due Friday 1/15

ELA Dates

Thursday 1/14 - ELA classes will work in Media center on paraphrasing and other important research skills with Mrs. Izzo and Mrs. Lasky.

Wordly Wise Lesson 13 Test on Friday, 1/15

End of Quarter Dance-1/14 (Afterschool) Permission & more info will come home asap

End of Quarter 2 Friday 1/15

All work from Quarter 2 second 4.5 weeks that is late must be submitted by 8:30 a.m. by Friday 1/8.


We have started working on skills required to take good notes using Source cards and Notecards in Google Drive. We will practice writing the information on our Source Cards and notecards using resources at school. All work for the Gateway will be completed in school during the school day. Our class will be choosing topics sometime during the week of 1/11 and we will begin our research soon after choosing. Social Studies time will be utilized, as well as time during ELA class. This project is spread out over several months and we look forward to seeing the digital and physical products the students will pursue and create!

Mrs. Izzo's Library

Please look for books labeled with Mrs. Izzo's name in your home libraries. Many books are missing off the shelf, and have not been signed out, or returned. If you have any donations we will gladly accept used books!

Buzz Math Update

Hi parents,

Students may make corrections on Percents or Conversions from Buzz Math Contract 6 and email me new scores or return contract to me by Friday, Jan 8th.

We will begin new Buzz Maths on Expressions and Equations on January 20th!

Ten marks Update

Ten marks corrections for the first set of Ratios are due by Friday, January 8th.

This contract was returned Monday to students. If a contract was not return or received, the grade comments are in Learn.

The second set of Tenmarks on Ratios is also due this Friday. Students are doing a great job learning different strategies for Percents. There are tons of help videos and notes in Learn that we have gone over or students have been shown. I have been pulling small groups in class and allowing students to work together, so I am seeing great ideas come about.

Students may use calculators to check percents that include decimals or really large numbers.

Students may make corrections on these once I grade until Tuesday 1/12.

Science Update

Volcano Projects

Amazing creativity and research!

Thank you again for all parent volunteers!

This week students are working in groups to research mountain types. They have created models with Rice krispy treats as "pretend" plates.

We will be comparing and contrasting these movements as we move onto earthquakes and movement inside the Earth in the first part of 3rd quarter.

We will continue with vocabulary maps in 3rd quarter!

See above for due dates!

Other Math Announcments

Ratio & Integer Review is due this Friday, Jan 8th!

Students may make corrections on this assignment until Monday afternoon!

There will be no Problem Puzzler next week due to testing. These will resume in third quarter as well.