The Speech

At Harry Truman Presidential Library By: Annie J.

Mini Bio: Harry Truman

The Speech

The lights were dimmed. I slowly walked up to the large wooden stage with a wooden podium. People staring at me while I gave my speech about veterans. Along with me, my two triplet sisters, Marisa and Allison gave a speech also. As we walked into the Harry Truman Presidential Library, my heart was beating. My heart was beating so hard it sounded like a giant stomping down a mountain. I squeezed my speech so hard as we met the judges. One of the judges was my older sister Marie’s best friend and it made me less nervous because I knew her.

Meeting the Judges

The purple team at Bridger Middle School had a competition to compete to go to Washington D.C. and give a speech at Ford’s theater. So I competed. I wrote a speech about a topic I believe in the speech was I Believe Veterans should get respect. The judges were previous students that won the trip to Washington D.C.. Only four students were able to go to the Washington D.C., but a lot of people competed. I practiced a lot.

Getting Prepare

My dad walked my sisters and I into the library and went to take his seat. We walked into the room with all the other students who were competing that day. My reading teacher talked to us to build our confidence. We walked into the auditorium and the first person gave their speech, then the next, and the next. After eight or nine people it was my turn. I walked up on the right side of the stage and immediately regretted the decision of competing.

During The Speech

I was extremely nervous while I gave my speech. While I was reading the first paragraph of my speech I remembered what my reading teacher told the class,

“Always make eye contact when you are giving a speech.”

“Oh-no,” I thought to myself.

“I forgot to make eye contact,” I remembered, as I looked up at the audience.

I already knew my speech really well because I gave it in front of my class and in front of my family. I continued my speech loud and proud as I thought to myself,

“Why was I so scared?”

After I gave the Speech

I finished my speech and walked down the left side of the stage and back to my seat and listened to my sisters speeches.
Although I didn't get to give a speech at Ford’s Theater, in Washington D.C., I still got to give a speech at a presidential library.
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Ford's Theater

The Speech

By: Annie J.