Jr. High Journel

Norfolk Jr.High

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App review


Pandora is a completely free amazing app that let’s you listen to the music you love everywhere you go. With thousands of songs, artists, and radio stations this is the perfect app for any music lover. There is music for everyone at this sight, by being able to create a station of whatever genre you want. There is not just music though, there is also many, many comedy stations that can even be classified to what kind of comedy you want to listen to. With a completely easy to understand organizing system, you can put your stations in alphabetical order. Then there is thumbprint radio, thumbprint radio let’s you listen to the songs you want by just scanning your thumb across the screen. Pandora is the perfect app for any person who wants to listen to the music they want to, when they want to. It is the perfect app for anything you could be looking for

Movie review

God Bless Ozzy Osborne is an Inspiring documentary about the life and full story of Ozzy Osborne. It has a new look on him and his story and his behavior that has not been well seen or thought about yet. It has lots of special interviews with his friends, family, and even Ozzy himself. The cinematography of the film is new and a well thought out way of seeing Ozzy, showing backstage footage of a person that before had an undisturbable reputation. The film takes you inside the mind of Ozzy as he looks back at his past. It tries to bring you into the moment as it happened. It has such an interesting way of looking at the past. It includes clips from live concerts, photos of some of his most craziest moments, and never before seen interviews. It is an incredible way to witness the rise and fall, and rise again of Ozzy Osborne.

Feature Story

What one band has sold over 1 billion copies of albums, inspired a whole generation, and probably has the most famous musical following in history? The Beatles! Little bands did more to change music history than The Beatles. From their original look, to their brand new sound, too inspiring a whole generation of fans (Beatlemania) They would forever change the way music, and musicians would be looked at.

The Beatles were all born in Liverpool, England, most of them come from quiet working class families around the inner city, John Lennon being the exception. All of them grew up in musical households, most of their parents encouraged them to learn how to play music from a young age. They grew up singing in church choirs and competitions, in fact, that's how they met. The two founding members, John Lennon and Paul Mccartney first met each other at a church festival where both of them were performing. They quickly

Nursery Rhyme News Story

Contest Winner Gets Kind Heart

The winner of the latest sheep shearing contest gives his extra wool away for free. Sources can confirm the local sheep shaving contest winner, Mr. Sheeper, gave his wool to three average people for free. Mr. Sheeper pulled three names out of a hat last Thursday. All names were put into the hat two days after Sheeper won the contest. Sheeper exclaimed, “I simply had too much wool, I didn't know what to do with it all.” The first of the contest winners was the rich master, Bill Willington. Although he was the first winner, he received the least amount of wool at only two pounds. The second was a common dame named Amanda Fletcher; she received the second most amount at 6 lbs. Finally, was an energetic 7-year-old town’s boy named Timmy. He received the most of the wool, at a full 13 lbs. On speaking with his parent,s they plan to send 6 lbs. to the King’s Town, a few systems over.

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Opening Door Survay

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