Charlotte G.


Lemurs can be brown,black,gray,red, or tan. Lemurs have soft,silky fur. Lemurs are between the size of a mouse and the size of a dog. A lemur can weigh up to 10 pounds and be as long as 18 inches. Lemurs can live until they are 15,20,or 30.
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A lemur can be nocturnal or diurnal. This means they are active at night or asleep. All lemurs are aboreal which means they spend their time in trees. Some of the things they do in trees are: eat,play,sleep, and sometimes a mother lemur will make a nest for her babies.
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Lemurs live in Madagascar or the Comoro Ilands. A group of lemurs has 2-30 lemurs. Lemurs live in trees in rain forest. The climate is warm and though rain falls rain forests are dry and flat. Lemurs stay in high,leafy branches or the canopy.
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