Decolonization Smore

BY: Rachel Kelly, McKenzie Fuller and Whitleigh Simmons

The Indian Subcontinent

-The people of India were unhappy with the British rule, and created a slowly-growing resistance to gain political independence.

-The movement did not gain strength until hundreds of innocent Indians were killed.

-An important leader, Mohandas Gandhi, used peaceful protests to act against the British, and inspired many Indians to band together and fight colonial rule.

-Although many people worked well together, extreme Hindus and Muslims tried to fight the peace because they disagreed with each other's religious beliefs.

Independence Won: Nations Two

-Great Britain finally gave India control of their own country after WWII. Although they had won the fight for independence, the extreme religious groups started to kill each other.

-Some people believed that India should be united as one, where everyone could be peaceful together, while others thought that Hindus and Muslims should live in separate countries.

-India eventually broke into two, the Hindu India, and the Muslim Pakistan.

-Many people were killed as the two nations tried to separate citizens into their respective religious beliefs.

-The two nations still have dangerous arguments over what land belongs to which.


-After WWII, many Africans started to fight for freedom of their countries from Europe.

-South Africa was a colony of Britain, though it had it's own constitution and ruled itself for the most part.

-Under their constitution, only white South Africans had the ability to vote, and people native to Africa had less rights.

-To make sure they were represented, and to battle control, educated South Africans created the African National Congress.

-In the 1950s, leaders like Gamal Nasser helped add strength to to the African independence movement, and many nations ended up with freedom.

-Other places had difficult times getting out of European control.

-Basic human needs were left unmet, for example, far spread illiteracy.

-While many Africans were able to fight off European control, they were swept up in the Cold War afterwards.

-Modern African nations are a part of the Organization of African Unity, although they do not have certain safety.