Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

Summary of Book

This story is about a runaway boy and a runaway slave that travel down the Mississippi River toward freemdom. Both have their own reasons, the boy, Huck, is running from his father who has kidnapped him and help him hostage in a cabin outside of the town of St. Petersburg Missouri, and the slave, Jim, is running from the plantation owner that was going to sell him down river and break him up with the lady he loved. Jim just simply runs off at night, but Huck has a bit more of an elaborate plan. When his dad left and locked him in the cabin, Huck broke out, killed a wild pig, and spread the blood and hair all over the cabin. The two ran to the same island outside the town, without knowing it. They ran into each other and Jim was scared of Huck because he herd he was dead and thought that he was a ghost. Huck tells him he is not and they decide to travel down the river together after they had herd that a woman had seen smoke coming from the island and though that the runaway slave was hiding back there. They started down the river to escape being captured, and that is the start of their dangerous, wild adventures. They will have to deal with disastrous events, finding things that shouldn’t be on a river, and meeting new people that cannot always be trusted.

Review of the Book

I thought the book was really good. It starts off kinda slow but picks up really quick, and turns into a really good book. The plot is well thought out and will throw you through a loop as soon as you don't expect it. As soon as you get relaxed about what is going on and you start trying to predict what happens, bam, left turn and it goes in a complete opposite direction of what you thought. The dialog is perfect to what it would have been in that time frame. The I would suggest everybody to read this book.

Quote on the Book.

"Then the old man got to cussing and cussed everything and everybody he could think of, and then cussed them all over again to make sure he hadn't skipped any, and after that he polished off with a kind of a general cuss all round, including a considerable parcel of people which he didn't know the names of, and so called them what's-his-name when he got to them, and went right along with his cussing." That was a quote from chapter 6, and i like it because it shows how mean Huck's dad really is. Which is one of the biggest reasons that Huck ran away in the first place.

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