Extra Credit

By : Lauren Kane

Extra credit

The book Extra Credit is about a girl named Abby , she is failing sixth grade. And the only way that she has a chance to pass sixth grade was if she did an Extra Credit assignment. Her assignment was to send letters to a person from another part of the world. Like a pen pal, and she chose to pick a place with mountins because she is interested in rock climbing. the place with the most mountins was Kabul Afganistan. She got a four step assignment step 1 said your teacher will help you find a name and address of a school in another part of the world with a different culture as we do. Step 2 said you will write a letter and ask that student at this other school to become your pen pal. Step 3 said using copies of the letters you sent plus the letters you have got you will be making a bulletin board in the class room. You will update you board as soon as there are new letters. And step 4 said when you have written and got atleast 4 letters, you will give an oral report to the class about what you have learned from this letter writing.