Screencasting in the Classroom

A Professional Development Opportunity

Come Learn About the Endless Possibilities Screencasting Creates in the Classroom

This professional development course will introduce you to screencasting technology with the free tools Screencast-O-Matic and Jing. Participants will learn how to create effective screencasts for a wide variety of instructional purposes. Teachers will also learn how to introduce these screencasting tools to your students and coach them as they practice 21st century skills through the creation of screencasts for numerous purposes. Participants will leave this PD course with a wealth of knowledge and exciting applications to help differentiate instruction, provide extra support to students, and ensure students are actively engaged in their learning. Participants will collaborate and create a library of instructional screencasts and a library of screencasting applications that will be valuable resources.
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Calling All Early Childhood Educators

Times are changing and our students are digital natives! Join me to become screencasting experts to inspire your students, support students in new and exciting ways, and provide students with a creative way to express their knowledge and expertise. This course is especially designed for the educators of our youngest students (K-2 teachers) who help students grow and develop into life long learners.

Come Make Your PD Hours Count!

This hands on professional development course will be held in two Saturday sessions and you will leave feeling invigorated and eager to get back to the classroom to start using screencasting.
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About the Instructor

Rachel Nachtrieb is a 2nd Grade Teacher at P.S. 46 in the Bronx. This is Rachel's second year teaching and she embraces all forms of technology. She is currently earning her Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from NYIT. Rachel has found her passion to be educating and training her fellow colleagues on various new and exciting technologies. Rachel is a regular facilitator for Menu Monday and she looks forward to helping her colleagues experience the power of screencasting in the classroom.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns.